Sunday, September 18, 2011

a short camping trip

playing at camp
{playing in the creek}

homemade trail mix blend
{trailmix--our custom blend}

running around in the campsite
{running around the campsite}

view from inside the tent
{view from the tent}

with his s'more
{having his s'more}


evening hot cocoa
{evening cocoa}

playing in the tent
{playing in the tent}

playing in the tent

the happy campers
{for real-time camping inspiration}

We went on a very quick (less than 24 hour) camping trip this weekend. Our first ever! The boys loved it. We kept things very simple and went to a pretty campground not too far from home. We kept the food simple too--bratwurst, beans, and so forth. I wanted to let this be an easy trial run, just to see how we'd all fare. My favorite part was how happy the boys were with it all. They loved running around outdoors and playing in the tent. They required no entertainment. And they asked when we were going back next, and if we could stay longer next time. I was worried that no one would sleep, but we did surprisingly well on air mattresses with comforters and sleeping bags layered over. It was actually really cozy, and we all slept better than I anticipated.

One thing I especially noticed was that after returning home, they played happily and creatively for a long time with no need for the grownups to intervene. I saw them playing with the farm and gnomehouse, the wooden trucks, finger puppets and a sock puppet. I think the outdoor time gave them a fresh perspective on their toys and helped them settle in more happily than usual.


nicole said...

one of my favorite things about vacation, 24hrs or 3 weeks, is the way the kids embrace home.
camping is great fun...we did an epic 10 day trip this summer...we worked up to that. I figure if i am going to all the work of prep, we might as well stay for a few nights.
may many more campouts be in your future!

Kelly said...

always good to leave them wanting more, yes?
i find the same with my guys as well - a good day away outside seems to reset them...

Kristin said...

I am always amazed at how the kids can entertain themselves camping- isn't it wonderful? Looks like a fun weekend!

The Wool Fairy said...

That smore is looking pretty tasty!

To date, our family camping efforts have not extended beyond the backyard (which comes in pretty handy when someone pees in the tent!!). We will have to venture farther next summer.

I too find that time away, and especially outdoors, always seeds to calm the kids and allow them to focus and find new inspiration.

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Erin said...

wow, talk about living parallel lives...we went on our first camping trip this weekend, too. very cold (low 40s at night) but had a wonderful time. and, this morning, my little one has played the entire morning, for the most part, on her own and with lots of things she had "forgotten" about recently. it is amazing what nature does to one's soul:)

Andrea said...

I love that you took a WHITE comforter camping! So brave! Your kiddos are the perfect camping age! We only managed one campout this summer (way back in May!), but the boys are always so happy to be outside all the time.

Heather said...

I can't believe how long it has been since I've been camping... sigh.

I wanted to mention that if you are still doing WW this sight for recipes is so, so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very fun. We would camp more if there weren't so many darn ticks.