Monday, August 8, 2011

some scenes from the weekend

obsessed with picking radishes

roasted radishes and their greens

a trip to starbucks for mama and the littles

at the starbucks

weekened book buying

pirate ship under seige

We had a mellow weekend. Rainer is obsessed with picking the radishes from our radish patch (I encourage him to save some for later but he can't help himself!) so I was very interested to try the recipe for roasted radishes and their greens that I came across in my Whole Living magazine. I was so glad I found that, because I had no idea you could eat the greens. Yummy! On Saturday we had a fun book buying trip and drinks at Starbucks. You can see my selections above (except the new Soulemama book was not from the bookstore--that was in the mailbox waiting for me when we returned! So fun).

I'm off to the dentist again this morning. More tooth trouble, can you believe it?


Jess said...

I have a riot of radishes in my garden and I was just wondering yesterday if we could eat the greens.
Thanks for answering my question!

Kristin said...

I love French Women Don't Get Fat- there is a lot of wisdom in that book. I'd love to hear a review of Soulemama's new book- I have her other two- so I'm sure it's wonderful.

Mary Beth said...

Jess--yes! I was so happy to find out they are edible . . .

Kristin--I'll be back later today or tomorrow with my "review" of Soulemama's latest book. I've heard wonderful things about the "French Women" book and am sort of in a "Paris" phase since I saw Midnight in Paris so it's perfect.

Sarah said...

I have another oldie but goodie to add to your book tower..."Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I just keep reading it over and over.
Hope your teeth feel better soon.

Amy said...

Hello Mary Beth, sorry about the tooth trouble.
I have been meaning to ask you.. The funky pictures you post that have the torn edge look and retro color- are they taken with your iPhone using an app or with your camera?
Thanks and good luck with that tooth,
PS please tell us more about Amanda's new book when you get a chance.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Amy. The retro looking photos are taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. So fun--I really enjoy it.

I'll post my review of Soulemama's book tomorrow hopefully.

Amy from VA said...

I was going to did you get the Soule book so quickly! :) What is the book with Maine in the title...?

nora said...

French women don't get fat is a great book. I learned alot and lost 40lbs and still maintaining it. I love visiting your blog. keep us up to date about Lunch in Paris. thanks

Jacqueline said...

Just curious... are you doing another 30 Day Vegan with Heather? I was torn, it's not the best time for me to commit, but seeing as I primarily eat this way anyway, I signed up. Hope to see you there!

Mary Beth said...

Amy from VA--I got it a bit early because I preordered it directly from her shop. It was really fun to get an "advance" copy. The book called "Maine" is a novel about a few generations of women getting together at a summer house in Maine. Sounds fun to me.

Jacqueline--yes, I'm doing it too. I plan to write a little post about why I'm doing it again. For me, this will be better timing than the last one, so I think I'll get more out of it. See you there!