Sunday, July 3, 2011

plum love


plum jam--fresh batch

The plums came due early this year, and we've already made 18 jars of plum jam (plus this big jar to eat right away). I'm trying to embrace the plum love because plum jam is all we are going to have this year (sadly, the nectarine tree and the apricot tree both have low to non-existent yields this year). Usually I revere the orange colored jams as the superior jams, but this year it's all about the plums. And in truth, this is pretty darn good--I've been enjoying it every morning for the last few days (homemade bread recipe here, except now I use half whole wheat and I divide the dough into two pans instead of one).


Chris said...

Looks delicious! Just out of curiosity, how big is your plum tree? We got our first plum this summer from a tree we planted and we were just wondering today how big our tree is going to be!

kera said...

my grandparents are german and we grew up eating plum dumplings which were heavenly! also had some plum jam and loved it as well!

Julie said...

So funny, this reminds me of the book 'Jam' by Margaret Mahy.

Have you read it? It's a really good book. They have plums everywhere!

lisarenata said...

Yum I love plums. I so would looooove to try your plum jam! I bet it is delicious!!!

Mary Beth said...

Chris--our is a semi-dwarf--about 10 feet maybe? Ken tries to avoid buying the full sized trees. As it is, we tend to get way too much fruit.

Julie--I would love to find that book! I love Margaret Mahy!