Thursday, July 14, 2011

faith turns 18!

faith on her 18th birthday
{faith at 18}

faith's 18th birthday
{the birthday table}

faith's 18th birthday
{dinner of her choice}

faith's 18th birthday
{cutting the cake}

faith's 18th birthday
{yellow with raspberry frosting birthday cake}

faith's 18th birthday

Faith turned 18! We had a truly fun day. Shopping at Anthropoligie, going to the art museum, lunch at Crushcafe, and dinner and a family party at home. For the meal she chose vegetarian chili, corn pudding, and chips on the side. My mom made the cake again: yellow box mix cake with her homemade raspberry frosting--Faith's request. I think of this as "birthday cake" flavor now.

What can I say about this girl? It is a truly amazing thing to have a daughter that has blossomed into such a beautiful young woman. I am very proud of her. She is so SO much more self confident than I was at that age, and for that I am truly happy. I'm excited for her to start college (I loved college and suspect she will too), but will miss her.

Some things about Faith:
  • she adores her little brothers and is wonderful with them
  • dresses cute and loves thrifting
  • is a huge Harry Potter fan
  • is a lot like me in many many ways which we often comment on and talk about amongst ourselves
  • is comfortable with her nerd/geekness
  • has a sunny disposition and is mostly happy
  • will be going to UC Santa Cruz in the fall
  • likes woodland creatures and gnomes and such


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a lovely young woman. You are a gift to your mother! :)


Amy said...

When my girls are grown I hope to listing similar wonderful qualities such as Faith's. Happy Birthday Faith! Can I hear more about the raspberry frosting? Cheers! Amy

Holly C. said...

What a beautiful girl you have!

Happy birthday to your Faith!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Faith! She sounds like a lovely young woman!

Fiona said...

Happy birthday Faith!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Faith! You seem to be a lovely person both inside and out!

Carrie said...
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PatsyAnne said...

Happy Birthday Faith - A woman of the world now, just always remember where your roots are planted!


Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

What a beautiful daughter you have, she seems so sweet! Happy Birthday to her! By the way, love your tablecloth. : )

Daniela said...

Buon compleanno :-)
(happy birthday in italian!)
Daniela from Italy

Daniela said...

Buon compleanno :-)
(happy birthday in italian!)
Daniela from Italy

Maiz Connolly said...

Happy Birthday, Faith! I love having my three little boys, but I think it would be very special to have a daughter who is so close to her mom. (I guess I'm holding out for a granddaughter some day!) It was Julio's birthday yesterday, too... I feel like you're always celebrating birthdays when we are, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Faith! Enjoy going off to college! Santa Cruz is beautiful, I miss living in Northern California.

MB, I am in love with your blouse, and the birthday cake looks AMAZING!


Debs said...

Happy Birthday Faith!
Congratulations, Mum, on raising such a beautiful daughter.

Kelli said...

Happy birthday faith

Anonymous said...

Faith sounds like a wonderful young woman. She is also very pretty!

I would love love love the raspberry frosting recipe. It sounds yummy!


Mary Beth said...

Thanks so much for the kind greetings, everyone.

For those of you asking about the raspberry frosting, I'm going to try to get a post up with some of the recipes from the last two parties, but I know that what my mom does is very simple: she makes a standard buttercream frosting (from scratch) and then presses some raspberries through a sieve and stirs in some of the resulting juice. So easy and tasty!

Redbeet Mama said...

I love how you celebrate your childrens birthdays. horray for you!

Happy BIRTHday to the both of you.