Friday, June 17, 2011

rainer's "make-a-wish" trip

rainer's "make a wish" trip
{petting the dolphin at Sea World}

rainer's "make a wish" trip

rainer's "make a wish" trip
{on the eel ride at Sea World}

rainer's "make a wish" trip
{behind the scenes viewing of the sloth bear at the San Diego Zoo}

rainer's "make a wish" trip
{behind the scenes at the San Diego Zoo}

rainer's "make a wish" trip
{on the sky tram}

Rainer's is just about done with his last round of chemo (his last day of chemo is July 9th!). His "wish" was to go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. The whole family was included in the wish, so it was a truly special occasion. We have never gone on a vacation all together before. At both Sea World and the zoo, we got behind the scenes tours and got to touch and feed the animals. It was really fun and interesting. We had some unplanned time too. We went to Belmont Park and to the Fleet Science Center, both of which were also great. This was a very sweet family trip. Everyone was happy and got along and memories were made, which is the important thing.

Thank you Make-a-Wish foundation! Rainer loved his wish!


nicole said...

looks like fun, especially the behind the sorry for the sadness that gave this vacation but what a blessing to be finishing up chemo and to celebrate ALL together.
Happy summer.

Jane said...

That's amazing! How wonderful to have that trip to remember for years and years.
So very glad to hear his chemo is coming to an end. It sounds like it's been a very long road for you all.

Laura said...

It looks like you had an amazing trip! And to have such wonderful family time together really does make the best memories.
Glad to hear that his chemo is coming to an end. Wishing much health & happinesss to you & your family.

Rain said...

What fun!!! I used to live in San Diego and loved that zoo.
I'm so happy to hear that Rainer will be finishing his chemo.

Sarah said...

yeah! i am so happy to see this one and read again that the treatments are almost over...such a time to celebrate!

alicia said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the end of what must have been a very long journey. Yay for a great vacation and double yay for a healthy and happy little boy!

Valérie, from Poetic chronicles said...

Really great to hear that your magnificent little boy is almost done with his chemo! July 9th is definitely a date to celebrate! Here's to a beautiful and well-deserved summer! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad your family was able to do this trip together, and it looks like Rainer had a great time, and you have some wonderful memories. I feel fortunate to have met you all and been able to help grant Rainer's wish, I'm so happy that his chemo is almost done, i wish you all the best!

Julie said...

Looks like a wonderful wish! Hurray for the last round of chemo!