Saturday, April 30, 2011


home grown roses

For this weekend --

:: mother-son shopping trip (just me and Dieter to buy him some spring clothes!)
:: cut some roses and make little bouquets to put around the house
:: snuggle on the couch and read to the boys
:: drink coffee in my favorite mug
:: watch a little bit of Project Runway with Faith and the boys (we decided to re-watch season one just for fun)
:: catch just a little of the royal wedding on my mom's tivo

:: clean, clean, clean
:: make cookies for teacher appreciation week
:: cook dinners
:: start all over again on Sunday night with school lunches and evening routines

What's on your list??


Kory said...

Looks like a lovely list! My weekend is mostly work, but I am hoping to make some dandelion jelly with my daughter!

Carrie said...

Dreamy- Flea market yesterday with a few great finds! Coffee with friends this morning and few delightful moments with adult children already accomplished. That leaves practical~ Cleaning, x4! Grocery shopping, away with the winter clothes, and my least favorite, cleaning out my car.

Denise C. said...


-Get in a 10 mile run. (I did 9 this morning).

-Vaccum out my truck, wash my daughter's carseat cover, wash my son's booster seat.

-Work in flower garden (I bought creeping phlox to add, and new mulch).

-Drink more water (really need to work on's hard because..... see below)

-Drink homemade frappucnhinos. (yummy!)