Sunday, February 6, 2011


a trip to the garden center
Oh heavens. So sorry to leave you guys with "pastry encrusted meat items" for nearly a week! I'm sure that was a bit of a gross-out for some of you.

I was feeling so blah all last week, even to the point of not blogging, then after the fact I realized that maybe not blogging was part of the problem. I generally love it so, and much has been written about how blogging can help one see the positive in one's life. Maybe there is some truth to that.
a trip to the garden center
I did have a very nice Saturday--making a pillow, followed by yoga class, followed by lunch out with Ken, followed by a trip to the garden center to look around. It was all very fun. You can see how sunny it was. I'm amazed at how the entire rest of the country is buried in snow right now and we are enjoying spring-like temps. So strange to think about.
lunch out
I'm going to try to blog every day this week--part of trying to lift myself out of my rut. And I decided to walk every day too, thinking that it might be easier to commit to that daily instead of 3 times a week (that never seem to occur).

Ken's sister is visiting us briefly today (so rare! She lives up north and rarely is down here) so I'm off to make a quiche and clean the house. Happy Sunday to you!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mary Beth. :)
I've been missing your posts, I have been feeling rather blah lately too. And like yourself have recently started walking. I am aiming for 3 to 4 times a week. I've been doing good just a little over two weeks in. :)
Hope all is well and enjoy your company today.

Oona Nicholas

CountryGirl said...

Welcome back. Hope you're ok x

Denise C. said...

Enjoy your Sunday! Love the photo of the coffee mug, creamer & sugar cubes!

catie said...

those sugar cubes are gorgeous.

i find that walking {or blogging} every day is somehow easier.

i, too, was in a rut... then i reorganized my pantry & the rut was over ♥

Andrea said...

Hope you're feeling better--everyone's entitled to a week off now and then. Looking forward to your daily updates, though, and loving all that greenery! Makes me want to go to the garden center (though would only come home with more plants I don't want to water!)

Tia said...

I have been feeling blah too. However, mine is totally due to all this yucky snow. Enjoy your nice weather!

pilgrimama said...

Welcome back!
Walking is great for getting brain energy flowing!

Hannah said...

Ooh it's nice to see some sunshine - even if I can only enjoy it vicariously!

Running Muma said...

Seeing the pictures of the garden center is breathtaking - I am looking out my window to huge huge snowbanks so this is a nice reminder that hopefully spring is around the corner. Look forward to your daily blogs this week! :)