Wednesday, December 22, 2010

winter vacation at last

Finally, it is winter vacation. So so glad about that. I feel like I finally have time to think--or at least to make a list of things I want to think about . . . which is exactly what I did last night. It's been wonderfully wintery for us--rainy since Friday! It's cozy and atmospheric and I love it.

Here's my list of what I'd like to ponder and explore while I have a little time off--

:: reflect on the last year. What did I accomplish? How did I grow?
:: how to get more energy--develop a personal plan
:: New Year's goals and resolutions
:: the bedtime routine--re-starting it--for the health and happiness of all of us
:: body issues/toning/exercise
:: healthful eating--whole foods, homemade, being real, and how to put it all together
:: home: what it means, love and family, the physical space and the direction I want it to be moving this year.

I'm planning on posting a few posts I never got around to this month. Stay tuned!


Karoline said...

Hi, I am a Reader from Germany and ich like your Blog very much!
Best wishes

Andrea said...

Enjoy your vacation and have a merry Christmas! I'm taking a week of this year and am so looking forward to some down time, hanging out with the kids and catching up on all (or at least some) of the things I've been saving for "later."

Rain said...

Merry Christmas to you Mary Beth!

All good things to ponder. I'm looking ahead as well. In just 6 weeks we welcome a new baby into the family so there is much to prepare for. The toning up of my body will be at the top of my list : )

Its_Lily said...

Mary Beth - the snowflakes look so festive in the window. I hope your holidays are wonderful and that you enjoy catching your breath during your time off.

Michele dJ said...

I enjoy your blog and love having this online community of waldorf-inspired mamas. It was funny when i realized that you had older kids and not just 2 youngins. I just have a 30 m.o. so have a lot to learn. Great list, matches much of my own! We aren't visiting our far way family this year and so my husband had assumed he'd only take 2 days off!? What?! I told him he needed to take the whole week after Christmas cause its Christmas (!) and we have a lot of quality family time to cultivate with meaningful things to think about, get a grip on, prepare, and set in motion as an investment in our vision for our family, our holistic needs, and the year to come. Have a great vacation!

Nancy said...

I also love the assessment / planning that is part of the coming new year! I've been away for a bit but am slowly going back & reading your 'old' posts. And looking forward to the new ones, too ;)

lisarenata said...

Your list sounds a lot like mine, only difference- you actually got to write it down. I need to do that, thanks for the reminder. (Just as soon as I get done making a few more gifts.)