Sunday, November 21, 2010

november weekend

{Carrie and Faith}
We are having such a fun start to our Thanksgiving break! My friend Carrie is visiting all the way from Kansas, and we always have a blast when she is here. Saturday was a thrifting/eating/shopping afternoon, just Carrie, Faith, and me. We hit the thrift stores in downtown Ventura, got fish tacos at Sharkey's (Carrie always likes to get fish tacos when she's in California), and did Michael's and Target runs. It was girly type fun.
After Target, Faith wanted a donut. It was 4 pm but what the heck. We're on vacation!
Look at this pure deliciousity. Even though it was late on a Saturday afternoon, these were still warm from the fryer. Yum!
{Faith took this picture of me outside the Arc store in Ventura}
And Sunday was perhaps the best day ever. Ken, Carrie, Dieter, Rainer and I drove to the snow! This is about an hour and half away, in the mountains above our town. There was not a ton of snow, but definitely enough to play and have fun in. When we got there it even snowed on us a little--super exciting. Then, after awhile, the sun came out and everything was all sparkly. We loved it.
{Dieter, Carrie, and Rainer}

After the snow, we drove down the mountain a bit and hung out at a beautiful campground next to a creek. We had brought hot chocolate, a picnic lunch, chairs, and knitting. It was idyllic just to hang out there on a wintery afternoon, talk, knit, and watch the boys. The colder weather was thrilling. It was in the 40's at the campground-- such a nice change of pace from the more moderate weather we usually have.

{Carrie and me, knitting and chatting}
I think this was my perfect day! Loved ones, nature, dramatic weather, beauty, hanging out, even knitting! In the evening, I made a delicious pan-roasted pork loin with leeks and homemade applesauce for dinner. I loved the warmth and homeyness of that after a day spent outdoors. What is your perfect day?


Annalee said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I had to laugh at the dramatic weather part. It was -23 degrees Celsius in my part of the world today;)

Joy said...

What a wonderful weekend! It looks like you all had an amazing time. What a great start to a week full of thankfulness. :)

Andrea said...

Nice! A winter picnic is such a great idea, and yours looks so fun! We haven't gotten snow here yet, but the boys are so excited for it to come when it does.

Mary Beth said...

Annalee! Totally! We say "dramatic weather" here in a totally tongue-in-cheek way. Faith and I have a joke about "if the sun goes behind a cloud that is dramatic weather!" Usually it is so very mild here that it feels fantastic to experience just a little bit of cold.

Stay warm where you are!

Sara said...

It sounds like a perfect day, indeed!!

Maiz Connolly said...

We have the same perfect day!!! Actually, it sounds like my idea of the perfect weekend, with thrifting and Michaels and donuts and family mountain picnic with knitting and a special friend from out of town. Soooo perfect!!!

vincent said...

Thank you for sharing! Looks like such a wonderful time! The picture Faith took of you is so beautiful!

vincent said...

Thank you for sharing! Looks like such a wonderful time! The picture Faith took of you is so beautiful!