Monday, November 8, 2010


These past few weeks I've been in the mood to write lists as I approach the weekend. Weekends are a big deal for me during the school year, since I work full time and I'm the biggest homebody ever. I want to get each weekend just right, and not squander my time. But the question of how one's time is spent is never simple is it? So many things on the 'to do' list, yet so many non-essential fun activities that I would rather do. So I've been writing these lists: "dreamy/practical" I call them. In one column I list all the dreamy fun things I'd love to spend my weekend doing. On the other side I list what I should do.

This weekend I felt firmly that I must err on the side of "dreamy." Here's my list:

:: drink coffee with cream
:: make pumpkin waffles
:: knit
:: unplug
:: work on my comforter cover/quilt top
:: draw with the boys
:: work in my sketchbook
:: play fairy village with the boys
:: collect fall leaves
:: date my husband
:: watch Grey's Anatomy on DVD (we're on season 6)
:: get take-out burritos and drink half a glass of beer
:: make healthy desserts

And I did so many of these things and it was wonderful and a much needed antidote to a stressful week.

:: do a white tornado (didn't do this)
:: plan a fall soup party (planned it--and Ken made wonderful invitations. It's next weekend).
:: cook meals and clean up (did this mostly. One casserole ended up being frozen for next week because my parents kindly watched the boys so Ken and I could have a real date night on Saturday. Thank you mom and dad!!)

I'd love to hear some items from your list too. What did you do last weekend? Did you err on the side of dreamy or practical?

PS--I'm super honored to have two of my blog posts featured on the Rhythm of the Home blog this week. Here, if you'd like to join the conversation. And for those of you who might be visiting here for the first time, welcome!


Diane said...

I love what you did to your photos. They remind me of childhood snaps from the 70s!

And great 'dreamy' list too. You're right, it's so important to make time for the 'want to's as well as the 'should's...

Hoosier at Heart said...

Clean out the garage. That has been on my "must do" list for the past 3 months. I've been a tad too dreamy lately. Lets have those pumpkin waffles.

Jen G. said...

My weekend was to busy with to much going on and not enough down time or crafting going on. Would you share your pumpkin waffle recipe? They sound wonderful...Thanks!

Andrea said...

I love the idea of dreamy/ practical lists (though I might have a hard time deciding which to-do's go where!)...I had a weekend that was neither dreamy or practical--I went to a fabric store sale (though I would have rather stayed home) on Saturday and spent most of Sunday away from home--writing group, craft fair, lunch with a friend and school athletic association meeting (which was murder). When I was home I was trying to get three years of digital photos organized (because, even though I've been ignoring them since 2007, suddenly it's urgent!). One practical thing I did was a weekly house cleaning (I call mine the "Bewitching Hour") and the boys cleaned their room when I was gone. Looking forward to Vetran's day of all dreamy things and a weekend with no obligations!

Gilly said...

love this idea of dreamy and practical lists,I am certainly going to try it out. We moved house a year ago and there is so much to do to it that I always feel rather guilty when I am doing dreamy things rather than something on the house. I think I may try doing one thing off one list and then something off the other to balance things out.It always seems so daunting to have a long list of jobs but a dreamy list along side of the practical list lightens the whole feeling of it. Love the blog and the mix of content.

nocton4 said...

love this post, great weekend theme, came over to visit your blog after reading your great posts over at roth, wonderful xx

Jessica said...

Oh, oh, I do that but I never knew what to call them!! :)

Last weekend was a nice mix of dreamy and practical. I did not clean the bathrooms but I did clean the kitchen. I did not finish dp's Christmas quilt (which used to be intended as a Valentine's quilt, lol)but I did collect leaves with my 3 yo. I did not meal plan for this cominng week but I did make 4 quarts of chicken soup to freeze (from whole chicken to stock to soup, even!).

I love Autumn as it lends itself very well to the dream and the practical.

I also relate to treasuring the weekends as a full-time working mama! Thanks!

Sarah said...

I think we err on the side ...hmmm...not sure, feeling more like we're going what we're suppose to lately on our weekends rather than dreamy/practical stuff. Maybe it's time to readjust!:)

Karen said...

i love your list! i hear you on not squandering the weekends. i'm on season 5 ... i love grey's!

Mary Beth said...

Diane--they remind me of our old family photos as well. My dad just got me an i-phone and these were all taken with the Hipstamatic app on the i-phone. I'm loving it so much!!

Jen G.--it's just the pumpkin waffle mix from Trader Joe's. I rarely buy mixes (because I love to bake from scratch), but this seemed so seasonal and fun.

Cindy said...

I love your dreamy/practical list. The dreamy things get us through the practical.