Sunday, September 12, 2010

such a mellow Sunday

I used to try to rush-around every Sunday, doing multiple loads of laundry and cooking a bunch of meals for the coming week. I've re-arranged a lot of those things and now, at least as long as this new plan keeps working, our Sundays are much more open. Ken always goes to school and works on Sundays (a teacher's job never ends!), so I hang out with the kids. On this day all the kids were home--teens included. We are a mellow bunch--Jacob was on his computer, Ben read a book, Faith and I analyzed our colors. The boys and I did some extensive coloring and drawing too.
Leaf rubbings were a huge hit with both boys.

I got out my mostly neglected sketchbook and found I really did like reading back through whatever was in there. So I added some September thoughts.
Faith and I had much fun looking through this catalog which had arrived the day before. It is so fun to have a teen daughter to curl on the couch with and peruse catalogs!
I completely fell in love with the styling of these clothes and so many of the settings of the photos. I love this long sweater and that long sleeved shirt with thumb holes.
Love love love everything going on in this photo. Of course I am partial to stripes and the colorway here is so pretty.
More stripes and a fun scarf. Loving all the wrist warmers too. I want to make some this year if I ever finish my little knitted shawl.
Very cute sweater coat. The website for all this is here. It's all pretty pricey but we just had so much fun being inspired by it.

So, week three of school starts tomorrow. I'm getting into the groove of things and it's all feeling pretty good. I will be taking Rainer to chemo on Wednesday, so there is that. He has OPS this time. I've been developing all kinds of ways to tweak the Flylady system to keep the household running smoothly during the schoolyear/workyear. I'll post soon on how all that is going so far. It will be interesting to see if I can keep all the balls in the air. Which reminds me, I have to go start a load of laundry right now!


lovestitches said...

I love your comment in your notebook: Consumerism grip is strong. Oh so true for many of us. Sometimes seeing what other people blog about what they struggle with is a reminder that I'm not a failure and to try again. Thanks for sharing your list.

Laura said...

That looks like an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Sunday! I love the leaf rubbings - I'll have to do that with my little ones this week.
I am in love with everything in that catalog - I love the simple, warm, cozy lines of their clothes. My style has been evolving the past couple of years & I've found that I'm really drawn to that style.

Andrea said...

Lovely. It seems both my Saturdays and Sundays are wound up in cooking and cleaning, and telling the kids, "Later...after I finish x" whenever they ask me to do something with/for them. I keep thinking I'll catch up and then we can relax, but that's not happening yet... Love that catalog...I adore fingerless mitts and I've wanted a shirt or sweater with thumb holes forever (I've had a few, but that was due to wear, rather than design :))

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I love the real, right now inspiration and beauty.