Thursday, June 3, 2010

evening adventure walks

I am a natural couch potato, so getting myself to be active is a challenge. Yet the health benefits of exercise are huge! I want to stay young and healthy for my boys (and for myself too) so I continue to try to find the motivation to exercise. Lately I've been trying a different approach to get myself out the door and walking longer. Instead of just going for the usual walk around the block, which I've done a thousand times and am so bored of, I'm looking at my walks as adventures to be had, and I'm exploring new and interesting neighborhoods on foot. I have found that framing my walks as "having an adventure" or "exploring" makes them much more fun. I have already seen some interesting things I didn't know existed! And by trying to explore more and more neighborhoods I'm spurred on to walk further. I'm super lucky to have Ken totally support my need to exercise so I usually set out alone. One thing I like about walking as a workout is that I can wear anything and can simply walk out the door. I usually even wear my normal shoes (I dislike wearing ugly athletic shoes . . . I can be shallow that way, alas). One night I did take Ken and the boys with me and it was fun showing them some of the new neighborhoods and mysterious structures I had found. I still have to push myself to get out the door, but I'm enjoying this new routine. Here are some pictures I took the other evening on my walk--this time was just downtown, but still fun.
{at the local health food stores--I love walking through there just getting inspired}

{used bookstore}
{bicycle shop}
{bulletin board}


Jodi Anderson said...

I love to see photos from other people's walks.

Two years ago, I began a photo project about the village in which I live. I would walk and take shots of undiscovered corners. (The project is called "the other side".)

My point, if there is one, is that two years have passed and I'm still not done. That is a direct reflection on the amount of walking that I've done... or not done. :)

Happy weekend!

Joy said...

It looks like a great walk! I wish I could come with you. I'm a little bored of my neighborhood walks as well.

Andrea said...

What a lovely town you live in! That's all within walking distance of your house??? There are some nice aspects of living in the country, but it would be so nice to be able to walk someplace (going up and down my driving is boring too--and am also trying to get motiviated to exercise, but would much rather curl up in bed with a book!)

melissa s. said...

What a lovely walk. I love that you bring the camera along, too!

Redbeet Mama said...

I like to walk too - but you wont find me on a tread mill. I can not live with out my jogging stroller - I put the little ones in and we are off.

Loved taking a walk with you today.

Namaste, Nicole

Once Upon A Parent said...

I love the pictures. Thats a great way to incorporate creativity into what could be a boring activity. We are trying to walk more at our house. Both my husband and I need to add exercise to our lifestyles. I love the idea of walking in different neighborhoods.

Debs said...

I hear you!
I used to walk everywhere because I couldn't drive and consequently weighed only 7 stones (don't know what that is in American money!). But at the grand old age of 27 I learned to drive. Now, 10 (or so) years and 3 children later I'm 4 stones heavier. It is very hard to get motivated to walk when the car is so convenient but I like your ideas. I shall give it a try. Maybe drive to a nearby town park somewhere and explore the neighbourhood on foot.
Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

lisarenata said...

What a great idea! To see walking as an adventure to find new and interesting things. hum...something to think about. I know I can also be a bit lazy when it comes to getting out the door to walk or jog. So for the longest time I tried exercising at home, and well, that didn't work out to well with two little ones trying to climb on me while doing crunches. Ha. So finally this spring we joined the local Y. A way to get away and exercise more. Yey. But I do love love love your idea...I think I just might have to do this at least once a week when hubby is home early from work.