Tuesday, March 2, 2010

nature sunday

Just some leftover weekend shots I thought you might enjoy. It was really pretty on Sunday, springlike but not at all hot. In fact, the sun went "behind the clouds" a few times. That is just about the closest thing we have to dramatic weather around here.
We remembered to bring their bikes along. Isn't riding in a new location so fun? I have to remember to do this more.
Brotherly love.

I love the textures of the outdoors.
I'm always so attracted to the ground and want to take pictures of it!
The water was high again, as it rained quite a bit the day before. We are loving all the precipitation.

Took Rainer for chemo today and out for Crushcakes afterwards. I was very good and kept to my "no sugar" resolution. He had a cupcake (after our lunch) and I got a delicious honey-cinnamon latte. Yum!


dust in the wind said...

Oh, you so do not live in Minnesota! We are under snow and cold right now, although it has warmed up considerably. Anyway, this post is making me want to move to wherever you live!

Your boys are almost too sweet! And your family really shines :) Thanks for sharing.

dustin @ www.onlydustinthewind.blogspot.com

Daniela said...

I really appreciate your happiness project, I'm cutting salt this month (I eat too much salt and it is not good at all for my veins and body circulation),and I love taking pictures of the ground too, as you did!love from Italy
Daniela (even if here it's raining and snowing again, you have such a beautiful weather where you live!)


Lovely post---your photos give me the dreamiest feeling!

Alicen said...

Is that a balance bike? How does it work? I've been thinking of getting one for my daughter. How old was Deiter before he started riding it?

Mary Beth said...

Alicen--it's a "Skut" bike (which we got at Magic Cabin). We got it when he was still 4 and he caught on pretty quickly. It's really fun (although a bit small for him, I think). Basically the child just pushes with their feet to build up a bit of speed then lifts up their feet and glides. That way, when he does finally get his two-wheeler, he'll know how to balance already.

Kristen said...

I'm the same way! I'm always taking photos of the ground...such pretty colors and textures.

Your Sunday looks lovely. I'm so glad that Rainer's chemo treatment went well, and how fun to get a treat afterwards.

Happy Wednesday!

Redbeet Mama said...

We love the pedal-less bikes too!
What a great reminder to take a new path with the little ones.

I love your textured and ground shots - I took a few on Monday but was afraid no one would "get it." - Guess I was wrong.

Peace, nicole

Kelly and Kelly said...

this sounds fantastic, it's so nice to get out and enjoy the outside.

nicola@which name? said...

how did i miss that you have a child on chemo? one of my dear friends has a nearly 6 year old (on saturday!) with leukemia on chemo treatments.
you are a tower of strength.

i love the rock, stick, and water photos. just the kind of nature that inspires me.


Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Nicola. Yes, leukemia here too. It's sadly so common. Luckily the treatments are so effective now! We are truly grateful for that.