Friday, January 15, 2010

recipe favorites: quick, week-night family-friendly lasagna

I am so sorry about these winter dinnertime photos! This is a very real scene of quickly snapping a photo as we try to all get to the table, pour the milks, light the candles and start eating.

I'm continuing my little "series" on happy, go-to practical, realistic dinners in order to get myself out of my non-cooking rut. This is an easy and really quite delicious quick lasagna. I'm really not suggesting that this is a "best" lasagna recipe, but this is what I like to whip up for my family and everybody likes it, even the little boys. Two things that I will mention. This has cottage cheese and cheddar cheese as the cheeses--weird, I know, but it works! I'm not a big fan of ricotta anyway, but I love cottage cheese, and I always have cheddar on hand, so I don't have to buy mozzarella that might not get used up all the way. Second thing--I use Prego as the sauce here. Very lowbrow, I know, but my family really likes it and it's kid friendly. You should use what you like. Oh, one more thing. I found ground beef at farmer's market--locally raised. So I can make this without worrying about poor cows being raised unkindly.

Here's the link to the recipe. Let me know if you try this!


Lilly said...

Hi Mary Beth, this is a good Italian lasagne recipe. I too often prepares and my boys love it.Good week end,bye bye =^_^= YUMMY lasagne al forno !!

Susan said...

Ooo, this sounds perfect for weeknights! I am going to have to try it. One of my daughters dislikes ricotta so this will work for her. I use cottage cheese in my baked ziti too. Thanks for the recipe link!

Jennifer said...

We love lasagna, though I use cottage cheese as well. not a big fan of ricotta. I love your cloth napkin, it's gorgeous.

Joy said...

Thanks for the recipe! It's funny that you mentioned the cheeses because I grew up thinking I didn't really like lasagna too much and it's because I don't care for cottage cheese, which my mom always used in lasagna. Now that I make my own, I use ricotta and love it. Funny how tastes run different. :) I know what you mean about dinner photos! I did a whole series on my blog this week about Michael Pollan's new Food Rules book and blogged our dinner every night. It was hard to get photos before the kids were gnawing on my arms trying to get at the food. LOL Have a great weekend, Mary Beth!