Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm feeling surprisingly mellow for December. I got so much done ahead of time that now I can just enjoy this cool December vibe. Of course we still have 2 more weeks of school before we can really just relax and enjoy. Nonetheless, I'm not rushing around at all and we're just gradually getting out some of the Christmas decorations and books and lights and today we bought the tree. It's a nice feeling, not getting all crazy. Mostly I just want to enjoy the family and the celebration of it all and not go overboard with anything.
The boys are really enjoying their Advent calendar and putting things into the Christmassy village. I shouldn't have worried--they are unfazed by there being nothing new. It has been fun to see them playing with the village and Rainer has taken on a renewed attachment to his wooden reindeer, which he opened the first day. The little thrifted houses that light up make it extra special, I think. I love lights of all sorts at Christmas, don't you?
The aerial shot of the village. Dieter brought those sequins home from school and I love that he made a little pathway with them. So much simple fun going on.


Greyhaven Pines said...

What a fun village! Our 5-year-old has something similar -- just old odds and ends of wooden pieces I bought off EBay. I worried he wouldn't like but boy was I wrong. He loves it! The lighted houses are a wonderful addition. I enjoy lights of all kinds this time of year.

Julie said...

I love your idea of "not going overboard in anything"! You really know how to have simple and meaningful pleasures!

Jessica said...

This village is a great idea--I think I'll start searching in thrift shops after the holiday for items to use!

Jane said...

Happy holidays to you. Love the village!

Lisa Renata said...

Well, you should be enjoying the moments. You worked hard making tons of gifts beforehand (like those cute fabric baskets). Good for you!

Though ALL of my purchases have been made, I still have plenty of gifts to make. I'm trying to take it slow as well and reminding myself to enjoy every moment! This weekend we are going to see the Christmas lights boat parade at the river. So exciting!,