Sunday, November 22, 2009

what we've been up to

:: seriously enjoying the bounty of preschool artwork Dieter brought home on Friday
:: finding these little "gifts" made secretly by Dieter and squirreled away in my studio for safe keep until Christmas
:: a teensy bit of mama crafting in stolen moments
:: trying out an Indian Corn activity from this book
:: outings to the park with art supplies and new sketchpads

:: wearing scarves (and feeling grateful that it is just cool enough in the afternoon to wear a lightweight jacket--hooray!)
:: making these healthy cookies again (which I've decided I love)
:: making homemade finger paints in Fall colors
:: playing with said finger paints exactly 17 minutes before losing interest
:: brotherly hugs
:: enjoying this cornucopia made for me by Ken with items entirely from our yard.
:: trying to be mindful of this message

And vacation is only beginning! Hope you are having a wonderful late November whereever you are.


cakesniffer said...

Beautiful photos as usual. Such a sweet family you have to be thankful for.
Yum, I am eager to try those cookies. What kind of chocolate do you use? My little guy goes completely loopy on chocolate so I have to use it VERY sparingly which is probably not a bad thing, but is so hard because I LOVE it.

snowflakes4sam said...

Your beautiful posting is a great reminder of all the little things that sometimes go unnoticed that we should be thankful for. especially love the cornucopia filled with things that you have nurtured with love - just like you are doing with your children and are now enjoying the wonder of them "blooming". Thanks Sam.

Carrie said...

I need some of that art for my refrigerator!

Alicen said...

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up fabric over the weekend to make some of your bean bag frogs for my daughter and my 4 nephews. I know they're going to love them!
Looks like you've been enjoying your break :)

Jennifer said...

So many wonderful things, I love the finger paint recipe. Thanks for sharing it, and I hope you have a great, restful week.

Mary Beth said...

Wow, thanks everyone for such lovely comments! I appreciate them so much.

Cakesniffer--the first time I made the healthy cookies I used dark chocolate bars (from Trader Joe's) and cut them up, and they were still good, but less sweet of course. This time I used standard semi-sweet chocolate chips (my dad bought us a GIANT bag of them at Costco) and they were yummy and much sweeter. My boys ate them both ways. Enjoy--I hope you like them!

Our Green Nest said...

LOVE all these shots! Especially the art wall!!!!

cakesniffer said...

Thanks for the chocolate tip. We'll be making them tomorrow, and heading out for a L O N G walk afterwards to work off those chocolate induced sillies.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

just beautiful shots . . . so sweet and colorful. thank you.

Blanket said...

Children love to squabble with colors and I think sometimes we must give them a free run.