Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hello september

I cannot believe September is already here. I'm headed back to work today and it promises to be a very challenging year. I'm keeping a positive attitude and am determined to do my best. I'll be home with Rainer 4 (school) days a month so that is new and different and I am so grateful to be able to do that.

It's hot here, but I'm glad to be headed into fall nonetheless. Our apples are ready. Ken brought these beauties in Sunday evening and plopped them in the sink and I knew immediately I wanted to make a crisp. I followed this recipe (halving it for my amount of apples) and it was delicious! Next time I might experiment with cutting the sugar.
Just a small pic of weekend sewing. I'm almost done and I love the way it is turning out. I just need to make a bit more bias tape and sew on the ties then I will definitely share the whole thing. I love this project.

Have a wonderful September 1st. Last night Rainer and I were talking about how he was having his last nursey of August 2009. It was really cute to hear him respond about and converse about "August nursey." There will be plenty of nursey in September too, I suspect.


Jessica said...

I was taking a walk this morning (it was 47 degrees this September first!!!) and thinking how suddenly September arrived. I noticed a bunch of apples ready to be picked and even pumpkins in the patches so I guess it really has arrived. I'm going to have to try that apple crisp as it is my favorite autumn snack (read: breakfast!)

Our Green Nest said...

I cannot believe it's September...an apple crisp sounds delightful! And the "August nursey" is adorable!

Lilly said...

EWWIWAAAA !! E' arrivato SETTEMBRE ma anche qui da noi in Sardegna(Italy),fa ancora tanto tanto caldo.Adoro L'autunno,è la mia stagione prefferita,mi piace per la sua bella luce dorata,perchè cominciano a cadere le foglie e perchè ho la scusa di poter accendere le candele la sera,favoloso.Ti seguo tantissimo,adoro il tuo blog,le cose che fai e come stai crescendo la tua splendida famiglia.Domani sarà il mio anniversario di matrimonio,sono 14 anni,wow!Baci dall'Italia,cara Mary Beth,buon Settembre anche a te,CIAO =^_^=

Joy said...

The apples look delicious! How wonderful that you are going to be able to spend more time with Rainer. :)

trinsch said...

those apples sure look yummy! and an apple crisp surely sounds yummy!

i wish i could say it would get colder and turn into a golden fall anytime soon around here, but we'll do with summer heat for a few more month. i love this time of year with all the new beginnings, but somehow i miss that change of season that goes with it - at least back in denmark. happy september to you and yours :)

Andrea said...

Personally, I'm in denial about both September and fall (even though it is quite nippy out and school is back in session, etc). Apple crisp sounds tasty, though.

Denise C. said...

Out here in VA the weather has been cooling off quite a bit. It's that nice, "open the windows" brisk and I am loving it!

Apple crisp is probably my second favorite dessert (cheesecake is still number 1!) There is something so homey and comforting about apple crisp....plain or with some vanilla ice cream on the side.

Now I am officially hungry!

pilgrimama said...

Well, now I don't fee l too silly having "nurse" conversations with my 21 mo. old!
She brought me a book with a whale picture in it and said fish, and then I noticed it also had a pic of a whale baby nursing it's mama and a human baby nursing also! So we had a fun conversation-all this to say I can relate to the cute "August nursey" talk you had!