Thursday, February 5, 2009

the winter books

I maybe brought these out too early, but the winter books are loved way more by the mama than by the little boys in the house right now. (They are much more interested in dinosaur books, The Lorax, and all their monthly magazines--Ladybug, Babybug, Click, Zoobooks and My Big Backyard). Nonetheless, sometimes they'll let me read them a selection from the winter basket.
Animals in Winter rocks. We just read that one tonight, actually. I love it for its vintage illustrations and interesting information about how different animals either fly south, or hibernate, or have to look for food all winter. It's from 1963, a thrifting find. (The one I linked to on Amazon seems to be an updated version. Same title, one of the same authors . . . not as cool looking as the old one, though.) The Snowy Day is also awesome (another thrifting find). Dieter definitely lets me read that one. Another super favorite is Manatee in Winter. Love! I've read this one several time to Dieter. I love it because it's not about ice and snow. It's a different view of winter, with the very appealing manatees swimming down to warmer waters off the coast of Florida. I also love it because the baby manatee nurses on its mama. So so sweet.
Also fun is Say Hello to the Snowy Animals. My mom bought this for Dieter a year ago on his birthday, and it's nice the pet the flocked animals.
Actually, judging from the list above, I guess we do really read and enjoy the winter books from time to time. But they won't let me read this one. I love it, but for them it's way too boring. Sometimes we look at the pictures, though. I adore the old illustrations.
Ditto with this one.

In other book news, I just pre-ordered Soulemama's new book on Amazon. The cover looks amazing, so go check it out. I didn't even know it was now available for pre-order, but it showed up on my google reader, so I clicked over, and lo-and-behold, there it is in all its glory. I can't wait for it to come out (in August). Meanwhile, we'll have to content ourselves with the cute cover photo and the description.

Have a happy weekend, all. It's raining here, so I'm hoping to cozy up for some baking, crafting, and pizza making, using your suggestions. Thank you for those.


eight feet said...

Mary Beth, thanks for sharing your winter books with us--we are always on the lookout for new ideas. My boys (6.5 and 2.5) have been into Highlights and HighFive magazines lately. And thanks for the tip on the upcoming Soulemama book--it's sure to be a favorite.

Mary Beth said...

You are welcome, eight feet! I'm always happy to talk about books.

MoziEsmé said...

Makes me want to cozy up and read, too!

Chris said...

We like to look at our winter books, but with the weather so nice and everything blooming, my son is confused about winter and convinced we don't have one in southern california. which, of course we do, but it is simply a very different winter than the snowy ones in the books!
thanks for the suggestions.

Poppy and Mei said...

Oh I love coming here...makes me smile & cry all at once...sigh...XXxx

Allison said...

We are also reading the snowy Day--one of my childhood favorites. I am so excited to introduce my little ones to the books I adored as a child. A note also to tell you that I adore your banner photo.

Gift of Green said...

The Year at one of my absolute favorites. We have a really old, dog-eared copy that I picked up from some book sale or another. But is not one of my children's favorites!