Monday, January 26, 2009

cookie of the week

I'm toying with the idea of doing a "cookie of the week" on the blog. I've been interested lately in using my cookbooks more. This "500 cookies" book is one I got for Christmas from Jacob a whole year ago and have never used. So on Sunday the boys and I broke it out and tried something new. I have all these leftover white chocolate chips from making the peppermint bark over the holidays, and of course we have tons of oranges from our trees, so these white chocolate and orange cookies were a natural choice.
The boys stood in their learning tower and took turns dumping the ingredients into the bowl as I measured them. They really love doing that, and I'm learning to be pretty mellow with that kind of help. I run the mixer and scoop out the dough. (And I switched them over to play dough at that point).
And they're yum! I very much like the idea of trying new cookies instead of the same old standbys. It's easy to eat these up in the course of a week because I pack them in the lunches.

Tonight I'm staying up late-ish with more baking. Tomorrow is Ben's birthday and I'm making his cake and traditional number cookies tonight. He has chosen an interesting cake from Nigella's Feast. It's a chocolate honey cake--sweetened with honey and brown sugar. It smells fantastic. I still have to glaze it and make the marzipan bees. Tomorrow I'll post a picture.


Carrie said...

Marzipan bees! I stayed up late to finish the laundry. I do so admire your energy and hope that your children will someday appreciate your efforts. I certainly do! Happy Birthday to Ben!

ames said...

Those cookies look fantastic! I've been toying with the idea of making some orange cranberry shortbread with white chocolate drizzled on top, I think you just clinched it for me :)

p.s. I love that your little ones love to help bake :)

Our Green Nest said...

A cookie of the week sounds fantastic!!

Erna said...

that book is great! I 've got it too as a present! I already tried some and they all tasted so good...yummy!
good idea cookie of the week! I'm inn!

Gift of Green said...

If you could FedEx that orange slice, those cookies (the bite out of it is okay), and the tea in the mug, I would appreciate it. I'll wait. :)