Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Which childhood books live in your heart?

I've been pondering this question since I posed it to Jacob a couple weeks ago. So I asked Faith the same question on our trip to Ikea. What childhood books live in your heart? Here's her list:
Alice in Wonderland (read multiple times, along with Through the Looking Glass). That's my childhood copy in that little stack there. See how tiny the stack is? That's because we're both tossers, not savers, but I do have this beautiful edition of Alice in Wonderland still).
Harry Potter--the series, which she mostly listened to on audiobook (every night for a period of years) but also read the books.
Island of the Blue Dolphins (audiobook)
The Ramona Series (read to her by me, then listened to on audiobook many times over the years).
Stargirl--Faith had the audiobook read by John Ritter and it was excellent.
I also decided to do a list of my own:
Mandy--I loved this book about an orphan who finds a tiny deserted cottage and cleans it out and sets it up. It fascinated me and I have never forgotten it. It truly lives in my heart.
Anne of Green Gables--the series
The Little House books
The Ramona series (I adore the character and feel she's a kindred spirit, even though we have opposite personalities).
Skellig (read as an adult to my children (Jacob and Faith). They think it's creepy. I found it compelling).
Half Magic--and the other books by this author. I found the books magical and engaging as a child. I could never get my kids interested in them.
The Frances Series. I adore the character of Frances and find the setting of the books and the illustrations purely magical.
Stargirl--read as an adult. I love the character of Stargirl and want to learn from her. I admire how caring she is towards others and that she doesn't mind what people think of her.
Caddie Woodlawn and Magical Melons--I just remember loving these books of a pioneer family and being thoroughly entertained by them.

What childhood books live in your heart?

(By the way, Faith found my old childhood bookmark in the Alice in Wonderland. Fun!)


Meg said...

I just randomly came across your blog and I love this post. I might just have to make my own list very soon!

Elfin Goddess said...

Thank you for doing this post Mary Beth! You just got me started on my own list :) I think Im just gonna do the list on my blog now. Do try and stop be :) Cheerio!

driftwood said...

what a lovely post. I've just bought a book for K and E that has recipes from childrens literature, it's been such fun looking through it and remembering ones from my childhood, and discovering some new ones to pass on. not sure if it's available in the US yet it's quite new, but it's called Cherry cake and ginger beer. we're going to make rock buns, from Enid Blytons secret seven today.

ames said...

Wonderful list, I've never read Stargirl but I will pick up a copy from the library. I really loved the Edward Eager books, The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, Paleface Redskins, Amy's Eyes, The World of Pooh, The Magic Cave...oh gosh the list could go on and on. I think I need to make my own post!

Rachel said...

Oh gosh, where do I start? As a very young child I loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Miffy books (by Dick Bruna), then as I got older I read most of the Narnia series, and also all the Swallows and Amazons books, which my mum had read as a girl - and she still had the originals to pass on to me! But my favourite book of all time is My Darling Villain by Lynne Reid Banks - it's more for teenage girls and I was about 15 when I read it - it still makes me cry at the end.

Jonah Lisa said...

I was never much of a reader as a child. I was more of a tree-climber. But my little sister was crazy for Little Woman and the Little House Series. And My husband and his sibs were huge fans of The Princess Bride and Rifles for Wadie, about a boy during the civil war.

Its_Lily said...

"Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Great post! For me, definitely the Little House, Anne of Green Gables, and Ramona series. I always loved how the Ramona series was set in Portland (where I lived) and we could go drive down Klickitat St. I also loved Where the Red Fern Grows, The Secret Garden, Tuck Everlasting, The Island of the Blue Dolphin, oh gosh, and so many more!

taimarie said...

Hmm- you've got me thinking... Anne of Green Gables for sure, and the little house books. I also loved the Wrinkle in Time series and Narnia. Anything that involved magic and time travel and the "olden days"!

Jessica said...

I loved the Ramona books and I just started reading Little House books as an adult when I realized I never read them (I have no idea how since I read almost anything that didn't breath as a child). And Stargirl-I just loved that book.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this idea. I have a huge list as well but there are 4 books that really stand out (the first two are really picture books): Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee and illustrated by Frank Newfeld(poems), The Angry Moon by William Sleator, Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg.

Elfin Goddess said...

Hey! Oh do try Enid Blyton...she has tons of super titles that Im sure your little boys would enjoy! (I esp love The Wishing Chair Series and The Faraway Tree Collection). Have fun! Btw...glad to see The Secret Garden is much loved by so many other bloggers! Cheerio!

Laura said...

Mary Beth,
I love your blog and wanted you to know I nominated you for a little award over at my blog. Thanks for all your great posts.

Laura said...

OOPS! I wasn't able to post my previous comment with the URL, so here is the address for my blog:

Polly said...

I just had to say I love the ladybirds. Polly x x x

PolarBearCreations said...

Great Idea!
I grew up in North Germany and read a lot of Astrid Lindgren and Enid Blyton as a child. One of my favorite books was The Root Children by Sibylle von Olfers. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings are still my favorite these days .

Maymomvt said...

I recently found your blog. Mandy was a huge favorite of mine. I also loved all the Louisa May Alcott books which I'm reading to my children this summer.