Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ten Summery Things I'm Loving Right Now

I'm feeling very light and happy right now. You know how sometimes you have a nice sense of well-being? That's how I feel right now. Summer, family, and staying home suit me. Things I'm loving right now:
1. Fresh flowers on the table every day.
2. Making photosets at flickr.
3. A bounteous nature table.
4. Afternoon snacks in the yard with Ken and the boys.
5. Weekly beach trips.
6. Flying through season 2 of LOST at the rate of two episodes a night! (We never do that!) (But now we've started season 3 and it seems so dark. Where's my light and funny creepy LOST?)
7. Coffee from my new stovetop espresso maker.
8. Mornings in summer and the way the light comes into the bedroom and the tangle of blankets on Dieter's toddler bed. During the school year I'm not here when the light comes in.
9. Frozen grapes. Seriously, how could I have never tried these before? They really are like little bites of sorbet in your mouth. Perfect for a hot day.
10. Salad for dinner.

And many more, but these are on my mind right now. What are you loving most this summer?


e_susan94 said...

Love reading your blog!

what do I love about Summer (and Spring):

Fresh picked basil or parsley to use for a recipe.

Hanging all my clothes out on the line from the smallest sock to the largest quilt.

Harvesting my lavendar swags from my several plants and making heavenly scented wands or sachets with them.

Poking and prodding at my cucumber vines, snowpeas and tomato plants waiting for them to have something to pick from them soon.

Watching the chipmunks sneak in some birdseed that fell on the ground from the bird feeder.

Listening to the wind blow the leaves and watching my clothes on the line blow in the wind. :)

Freshly baked cookie, cake or pie that I made from scratch and taking a picture of it before I cut into it. :)

Deanna said...

I put my grapes and pieces of banana on wooden skewers and then put them in the freezer. It is like having popsicle kbobs! Love it!

jessi said...

the salad looks so delicious! It seems like you get a lot of your recipes from Everyday Food. Everytime you mention one you make me want to get a subscription!

Rach said...

What a lovely list and photos - I always feel that I have been on a little vacation somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere when I visit your blog.

What I love about Winter:

Snuggling under our big winter weight doona with my family in the cool mornings.

Soup - hot steamy soups with crusty bread rolls.

Slow cooked stews with fluffly dumplings.

Bread and Butter Puddings

Playing on the beach on a sunny winters day.

Wearing coats - I love coats but don't get to wear them that often now I am not living in London or Tasmania.

Snuggling by the big fire at my parents house in the country where its freezing.

Apples are in season!

Pears are in season!

Jessica said...

I love that picture of the espresso! It looks so yummy. I know I have a carrot and raisin salad recipe (somewhere!), I'll search for it and hopefully I can find it. Right now I am loving waking up and listening to the birds sing, slowly drinking coffee, picking lettuce for dinner each night, fresh berries, the feeling of warm grass under my bare feet, a slower pace, reading each night until I fall asleep, lavender in full bloom, and oh so many more things!

starry said...

I'm a summer lover too and I feel care free and happy with the long days, plenty of sunshine, fresh fruit and vegetables, Ice pops! And many more things I can't think of right now.

Frozen grapes are awesome, we get a variety here that are huge like small plums and they're like having little ice lollies. Too bad they have pips in though.

Kay Snyder said...

Letting the kids sleep in. Granted they get up early but it's nice to have them toddle in and wake me up rather than the opposite.

Trips to the pool and long family bike rides.

Our week at the beach, being from MO we don't get it very often.

True garden salads.

Aren't frozen grapes the best? Loved them ever since we discovered how great they were as a kid.

Emilie said...

I love that summer morning light as well :)
Frozen grapes?! Why have I never tried that!?
Your nature table looks so nice. Our's is still rather springy. I must get on that.

::m:: said...

what a delicious list of favorites! finally catching up on my reading, and glad to know you are doing well and feeling summery and happy! :)

missy [project mcb]

Tava said...

Wait till you see season 4 of Lost. I was seeing things in my room after each episode. Make sure you're not home alone when you watch.
I am loving the vegetable garden that is finally growing because we FINALLY have sun!

Suzanne said...

I stopped at season 3 too, it seemed to far fetched:-) Love the flowers:-)

ames said...

So lovely, and tasty!

I'm lovin' strawberry shortcakes and freshly-bathed puppies running around in the sunshine.

periwinkle said...

we watched Season 3 a few weeks ago in rapid succesion too - keep with it and let me know what you think when you've seen it all. Now why haven't I thought of frozen grapes before?.... Summer loving would just have to be the sun
lisa x

dottycookie said...

We love frozen grapes too - they are so expensive here and have flown so far that I cannot bear to compost a single one, so any leftovers live in a box in the freezer. the kids think they're sweeties ;-)

Frozen banana is very good too, if you've not tried it already.