Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cute Book Alert

So last night Renee brought Dieter this cute coloring book and it rocks! It's called Scribbles, by Taro Gomi. It's 300+ pages and it's not a traditional coloring book at all--rather it has cute prompt, like showing a rice bowl and suggesting making a recipe and draw the finished dish , or it shows a face and suggests adding the hair, that sort of thing. There are also cut-out crafts, puzzles, and mazes. Love it. She said she got it at Anthropologie. I've never seen it before.
It says on the back that the author, Taro Gomi, is the author-artist of Everybody Poops. I've never seen that book but I'm thinking it might be highly appropriate for our family, with two in diapers and so much focus on bodily functions and all.


Carrie said...

It is sort of like the "Anti-Coloring Books" that we used to get. Very fun.

Mary Beth said...

Yeah, like that, but more appealing. Just really cute and fun--not too full of itself.