Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hot Tea

We celebrated the Summer Solstice today, a week or so late, and let me tell you, it was hot. I had the image of us basking in the shade of our new canopy and it being comfortably warm, but it was just too hot (much later in the day, though, we tried eating under the canopy again, for dinner, and that time it was wonderfully warm/cool/summer evening-ish). Anyway, I guess the Solstice Tea was not meant to be this time around, because Ben was absent (he went out of town with his mom), and Ken was sick. There were some highlights, though. Rainer had his first teething biscuit and he loved it; he smeared it all over himself.

And earlier in the day Dieter was darn cute frosting these mini-bundt cakes. His way of frosting is to build layer upon layer of frosting to high heights. When it came time to eat his cake he specialized in eating the frosting only and pretty well managed to avoid the cake. He's a chocolate lover like his Mommy, I'm afraid.


Carrie said...

Love those cute kids. I have to say though, Jacob looks a lot like Brian but with bushier hair! It's been raining for days and I am on my sixth day of low grade fever and headache. I have a doctor's appointment. And actually, I feel feverish but do not register a high temp. But it feels like a mild flu...for days. I have my biggest grant due on the 13th and Mark bought me a ticket to VA for the fourth so I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Your blog make me feel a bit better though.

Mary Beth said...

Carrie, I'm sorry you're sick. Save the ticket for the fourth and visit him later--you need to rest! I'm glad if my little blog helps some! :)