Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eighth Grade Promotion

Last week (okay, actually two weeks ago now) Faith and Ben "promoted" from eighth grade. It's amazing to me how fast these last five years have gone. When Ken and I first got married Ben and Faith were fourth-graders in different elementary schools across town from each other. At that point it seemed like a fairly long wait until they'd be in junior high together and finally attending the same school. Now not only are they attending the same school next year but they'll be going with Ken every day--ultra convenient.
I'm really impressed with how these young teens weathered their junior high years. For me it was a miserable experience, but they seemed much more at ease with the whole thing. I've been particularly happy and proud to see that Faith has not been overly caught up in the teen girl dramas that play out. She seems happy with herself and rolls with the punches when she needs to.
Faith and Ben, I am proud of you. Congratulations and good luck in high school. Remember to take joy in every day and life's simple pleasures, learn a lot, and be good.

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Carrie said...

I'm proud of them also and congratulations Mom & Dad!