Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feel the Love

Happy Valentine's Day! This is one of my favorite holidays. I don't find it commercial at all--just sweet. Although I've had my share (more than my share?) of V-days with no boyfriend or husband in sight, I still have always loved it. Back in elementary school there was always a class party. We'd make some sort of "mailbox" or other receptical and each child would deliver paper valentines to each child in the class. I've noticed lately that there are way fewer just paper valentines for sale now--these days they mostly have candy attached, and although I'm a candy lover, I don't think Valentine's Day needs to be about a big bag of candy--that's what Halloween is for, no?

I have a couple favorite Valentine's memories. One year, when Jacob was a baby and I was leaving him daily with my friend Sylvia (she did daycare), Sylvia had a little valentine gift for me--a heart shaped glycerine soap from Crabtree and Evelyn and a little tin of hard candies. Wow, that really made my day that year--and it was so unexpected! Another favorite memory is just a few years ago. I was dating Ken and he would drive me to Northridge on Thursday nights for class. That year Valentine's day fell on a class night and he brought me a pink pastry box from a nearby bakery and a rose. I ended up walking around with it to my classes! I felt so loved--and so far from those years when I had no romantic valentine in my life.

Sent Dieter to daycare this morning with his sack of valentines for the other daycare kiddos. There's going to be a party! For his valentines to give the other children I cut out cardstock hearts and had him put on stickers. Cute, and just at his level of patience and attention span. And Ken dressed him in his monkey T-shirt with hearts, which I just finished the night before. This morning I decided to pass down the other monkey onesie I had made him, and quickly embroidered a heart on that for Rainer to wear.

Here's hoping happy Valentine memories are made for you today!

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Gift of Green said...

Valentine's is also one of my favorite holidays (can you tell I'm slowly backtracking through your blog? : ) ) and yes, I don't see it as commercial either, for some reason. When I was little all we'd get was cinnamon hearts wrapped in tin foil but it was just the greatest thing ever! I don't know something about those teeny hearts and the shiny foil made it cute.