Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What are you doing to feel summery this year?

This is such a weird, challenging year, and I hate to think/admit it, but it seems like these dark, challenging times are here to stay.  Certainly the coronavirus is here for the long haul and the political uncertainties feel heavy.   Nonetheless, it is summer and I want to make it feel different than normal quarantine times.  

For the most part, we are all "straight chillin'" (as my kids would say) and we haven't given the boys limits on their screen time.  We have done a few things to make the most of the fact that it is summer--

  • we were able to get away for a little socially distanced vacation in the Santa Cruz area and it was lovely just to have a break from our normal surroundings. We stayed in a cabin with its own little kitchen and access to a small river for playing.   During the days we hiked in the Henry Cowell redwoods and the Big Basin redwoods.  Redwood forests are so magical and fairy-like.  To make things feel a bit vacationy we bought lunches out and "to go" (and we ordered and picked up as socially distanced as possible) and picked up pastries for breakfast a couple times.  We cooked all dinners in the cabin.  I found a place to get soft-serve ice cream because that feels like a retro summery thing to do.  In fact, the whole vacation felt like a 70's inspired getaway.  
  • trips to the beach feel authentically summery and fairly safe.  We're still getting a feel for finding uncrowded beaches, but even when there are more people there than I'd like, there is a constant breeze blowing and people respect a certain amount of distance.  We've been packing a lunch to eat on the beach and I alwys take a book.  It's good to just listen to the ocean and read and look up for the views and to see the boys playing in the waves.  
  • It's hard to find a board game that engages all of us but we keep casting about.  In the cabin we played Conga and Uno.   Recently we purchased Rummikub when I saw Cup of Jo mention it, and so far it looks promising.  I think I"m going to clear our game cabinets and see what else might be lurking in there that would engage us all.  
  • we have an outdoor bookstore locally (Bart's Books) and we are very lucky to be able to walk there and browse.  It feels good to support small businesses these days, and I'm shopping locally more than I used to.  
  • Wearing a different summery dress every day helps to lift my spirits a bit.   Inspired by the show Normal People, I've been pairing summery dresses with canvas sneakers.  
  • we went to an outdoor cars-only live performance in Ventura (live band and singer).  It felt quite dystopian and at the same time was also was a nice break from routine.
  • reading a lot during the day, fiction and one non-fiction, Stamped from the Beginning, which I love but am reading slowly.  
How is your summer going so far?  

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