Sunday, May 3, 2015

april wrap up

nelson atkins museum
Nelson Atkins museum

for the boys
boys' dessert
scandinavian festival
scandinavian festival
Scandinavian Festival
spinach soup with chickpeas
chickpea and spinach soup
out for a swim
out for a swim

April has come and gone.  We are that much closer to summer break and I am happy about that!  In the beginning of April I was still in Kansas and Kansas City visiting my dear friend Carrie.  We had a great visit and it felt so good to get away for spring break (although the weather sadly was just as hot in the Midwest that week as in So Cal--crazy weather for March/April in the Midwest, although they didn't mind it).

In April I . . .

  • wrapped up spring break and got back to work for the final push towards summer
  • had a fun Easter at my parents' house
  • started my 7-week diet and "no Diet Coke" arc (still going with that--I'll do a separate post soon to report on my diet)
  • went to Scandinavian Festival with my mom and the boys (fun!  Dieter was obsessed with the Norwegian Elkhounds again)
  • continued with my hill walks (good!  I'm so glad I'm finally finding some regular exercise that I like and will do and is a bit taxing)
  • saw two movies:  "While We're Young" (I enjoyed it, Ken hated it); and "Home" (took the boys--it was pretty cute, not super great)

Goals check-in--

Walking--as I mentioned above, I'm doing really well and have walked 3-4 times per week except for the week that Ken was out of town for a swim meet.

Losing weight--yes, I've been doing it!  I'm down 9-ish pounds.  More on that in a weight-loss post.

No Diet Coke--I've been totally doing this.  No cheats at all.  I've been drinking iced tea and the occasional La Croix.

Would love to hear about your month and goals!  And happy May!!


Kristin said...

Looks like a fun month! We missed the Scandinavian festival this year :(

Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome!

Kristen said...

Love hearing how you're doing! Would love a weight loss post! Great job, girl!