Monday, April 6, 2015

some scenes from easter and april goals

easter 2015 Eggs dyed. easter 2015 easter 2015 easter 2015 easter 2015 easter 2015 Easter egg hunt. easter 2015
We had a quiet and fun Easter. On Saturday we dyed eggs and on Sunday we went down to my parent's house for lunch and an egg hunt.  I like simple holidays.

So want to know how I did on my March goals?
:: for the health goal I did really well on walking.  I'm loving my hill walks and Saturday hikes!  This is a huge win for me because I'm naturally so sedentary.  So yay!  I plan to keep this up.  For the water and oranges--meh.  Didn't really do those goals (and instead of losing weight, I gained)!
:: reading.  I did read some of my book but I'm only about 20% through.  This continues to be a challenging habit to get into (until I find a book that really sucks me in).
:: spending freeze.  Win!  I didn't buy stuff or online shop until the end of the month when I visited Carrie.  Yay!

April Goals
:: walk.  I'm continuing my walking goal and aim to do 3 (uphill) walks per week (or 4 if I can swing it).
:: lose weight.  I know I said just last month that I don't want to do hard core dieting, but now I have to.  My weight is ridiculous.  My aim is to do 1400 calories a day.  My hard lines are NO cookies or sweets with the boys in the evenings, and NO going completely off the diet all weekend long.  Just those two changes should make a big difference.  Will report back at the end of the month.
:: no Diet Coke.  For at least two months I'm giving up all Diet Coke and switching to iced tea (unsweetened, obviously) instead.  This is hard for me but I hope it will help with my weight loss and cravings.

What are your goals this month?

PS--I've been posting a little bit on my style blog.  FaerieMB if you'd like to check it out.


Zena said...

Your rabbit and painted egg is display is so whimsical! Happy Easter to you. We are going in to Autumn here and the a big Poplar tree with bright yellow leaves to remind us. I spend a lot of time outdoors with the children but that's not really proper excercise and it doesn't help all the sweet baking (and eating) I do around here. I'm going to get back on the treadmill at the gym a couple of times a week and that always does the trick. Also is there anyway you can stop drinking soft drink altogether? I remember reading that diet coke has a fake sugar that is really bad for your health and can make you put on weight. Mmm I'm thinking about the last picture with that yummy choc icing. Hmm you can see where I need some encouragement:).

Gabi said...

Love your Easter Basket, Lego is always a good gift!
I am absolutely with you when it comes to loosing weight, 5 kilo is my goal...let's see how it works out. Eating less sugar is really hard, and regular exercise. Unfortunately, it gets harder the olderr I get... I hope you will not find it too hard to loose some weight :-)