Sunday, March 15, 2015

mid-march check in

View from my hike My new breakfast Orange blossoms in full bloom right now

March is half over now. It feels more like summer here these last few days, rather than technically still winter. Oh my. Winters lately in Southern California.  To tell  you the truth, I'm feeling pretty anxious about the lack of rain, the record drought conditions, and the ever hotter winters.  I'm not sure what else to say about that. I hope that human beings adapt to this new climate . . .

Good things that have been happening in March--my walks are getting more regular and I'm liking them more.  This is a good sign.  I'll refrain from getting overly optimistic too soon.  I think having a hill to walk up gives me enough challenge and novelty that it feels new and fresh to me--not my usual super boring walk around the block.  And on Saturdays (two weeks in a row now) I've been going to the top of my normal hill and then entering the trailhead at the top and doing the entire loop.  I call it a hike, but I think most would call it more of a walk.  Anyway, it is beautiful and the views from the top are sweeping (see photo 1).  It takes me an hour and a half to do the full loop.  It's exciting to have this.

I've been listening to a new podcast-- Happier with Gretchen Rubin.  You know I like her blog and books, right?  The podcast is in its infancy, but it's pretty fun.  Her sister is her co-host.  Her sister is located in Southern California and she also commented on a local hiking trail she has been enjoying and that what passes for "hiking" in So Cal would most likely be known as "walking" everywhere else.  It made me smile for sure!  What podcasts are you listening to lately?  I hear Invisibilia is worth checking out.  I listened to one episode (the one they aired on This American Life) but I need to download more episodes and give it a fair chance.  How about you?

In other news, I have a new breakfast (photo #2).  Faith sent me a picture of her breakfast one morning this week, and I was fully inspired.  Hers was eggs, avocado, and tomatoes.  I subbed spinach for the avo and have been having it ever since.  I think it's making me healthier already!  ;)

Also--the orange blossoms are fully in bloom and they are fragrant and lovely.  I love this time of year--so expectant and hopeful.  I love making plans for summer and the longer evenings (after the sleep deprivation is over).

I did a bit of a closet cleanup today and am heading to Buffalo Exchange tomorrow after work to sell some stuff.  I'm continuing my goal to transition to a capsule wardrobe.  I feel like I'm making some good self discoveries in the process (e.g. buy less and don't expect to like it forever, so adjust your spending accordingly.  I think I've mentioned Jennifer L. Scott's YouTube videos before, yes?  She is very helpful in this process).

Thank you so much for the comments you have been leaving!  I haven't been getting e-mail notifications lately (not sure why), but discovered today comments I hadn't seen before.  Thanks again!  How is your March going?


Rain said...

Your breakfast looks delicious. I love eating my eggs with leftover roasted veggies, like a hash.
Your walk sounds fabulous. I've been wanting to get out to walk more but have not found a good place yet. We are having the opposite problem of you Californians here in NY. It has been colder than ever. We had 14+ days of below ZERO temps. I'm still waiting for all the snow to melt!

Gabi said...

Looove these orange blossoms!!
Oh the capsule wardrobe...Miss your fashion blog, you could give it a new start and post about your capsule wardrobe, I'd love to hear about it (and see it)

Andrea said...

Everything looks lovely--the hike, the breakfast, the blossoms. Sounds divine, considering we're still full-on winter here, but I do hope you get some rain, too. I don't listen to many podcasts...I've been working my way slowly through Serial when I get a chance, and think about it, but it doesn't happen too often. Have you checked out Gretchen Rubin's new book? I just heard about it on the radio yesterday (and I've already forgotten what it's about--how to make your life less busy, maybe?)