Saturday, May 24, 2014


I basically never tire of pictures of the boys on the beach.

What are your plans this long weekend?  We really don't have many plans.  Mostly it's just exciting to be on the last 3 day weekend of the school year.  Summer is looming!  Here are my thoughts:


:: drink coffee with half and half and have a second cup.
:: watch an eye shadow tutorial and learn how to do the technique (I like Hot & Flashy's videos)
:: have a date night with Ken.  Any movie recommendations?
:: read a book.  I'm reading The Goldfinch but honestly haven't devoted much time to it.
:: have a little back yard barbeque with just the family.
:: head to the beach.  That photo above is making me long for the ocean!


:: do my Sunday routines with the boys--wash the car, get gas, stop by the local market.
:: laundry (that is always on my list).  My goal is to attack this early in the weekend.
:: cook (but that is sort of dreamy too, because I enjoy it).  I'm trying a new recipe for veggie enchiladas.
:: do a bit of cleaning.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


catie said...

i am almost finished with the goldfinch. my advice is to put it down & pick up something better {or go do something on your "dreamy" list}. it's SO long. so, so long. and the detailed descriptions of drug use is really bringing me down. just when the book starts to get better, it gets even worse. i'm finishing it today, but i honestly wish i hadn't given it so many hours of my life.

Sarah said...

I have been reading a lot of fluff lately, sometimes fluff is good.
I hope your long weekend was filled with more dreamy than practical, lately I have been trying so hard to get things done that it has been nice to have a few extra days to do the lazy days activities...pj's until noon, baking a GF cake, you know just the stuff that takes time but isn't necessary.
Enjoy those cute boys of yours, too - they are getting so big!