Sunday, September 22, 2013

scenes from the weekend

popsicle party! in the fort jumping at the popsicle party at the popsicle party late summer flowers troll from denmark happy equinox! autumn tea

The weekend was good. The popsicle party on Saturday went off without a hitch. It was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Ken placed a sprinkler under the trampoline and the kids jumped in the spray. They loved it! (Instagram video of it here).

My parents very kindly offered to watch the kids post-party, and Ken and I had our first date night in a month or so.  It was so nice to have time together, just the two of us.  Yay for date nights!  We grabbed burgers here and saw a movie (yay for entertainment!).  We saw Thanks for Sharing which I much enjoyed.   I don't need a fancy date night to feel re-connected.  A burger and a movie is fantastic, as far as I'm concerned.

Sunday we celebrated the equinox with a little tea party.  I attempted to make aebelskivers for the first time ever.  I bought a little pan at the Scandinavian festival last spring.  You guys--it's hard!  They were tasty, but none too pretty.  I will say they make a delightful tea dish.  We even got a touch of fall-ish weather, so the timing was perfect.

Otherwise, it was a fairly normal weekend with chores and hanging out.  I'm ready for another week!


Unknown said...

What a nice way to start the new fall season! Though I am extremely sad to see summer go away, I cannot wait for those nice and cool summer days. And I love the fruit pop picture :) very refreshing to look at.

Madame Melville said...

I too love the fruit pop - it is almost too beautiful to eat (: From the smiles it is easy to tell it was a fun event. I really like that little tea cup/mug. I love your tradition of the equinox teas. Simple easy traditions are often the best ones. Enjoy the week ahead!

Gabi said...

What a colourful fruit-popsicle!
I agree with the above comment: Your equinox teas are such a lovely tradition, it gets you more connected with the change of seasons, love that!

Andrea said...

Ooh, that popsicle looks yum! And your abelskivers look delicious too. I bought a set of four ramekins at a tag sale this summer ($1 for the set!) that I think match your teacup and saucer. So fun!

Sarah said...

Yeah for popsicle parties! You guys have great neighborhood activities :)
I recently checked out a Scandinavian cookbook and have a long list of foods I want to try, so many look delicious, bravo to you for trying a new recipe!