Monday, February 13, 2012

hello monday!

39/366 :: me in my blue coat

Hello Monday!
Hello lovely holiday (for me, but not for the boys).
Hello school drop of and pick up today (I hardly ever get to do that, so I'm excited).
Hello fun breakfast date with Ken after we drop the boys at school!

38/366 :: find a beautiful place

Hello clouds and a bit of sprinkles in the forecast.
Hello getting ready for our taxes and gathering paperwork.
Hello back to work tomorrow.

41/366 :: friday flowers

Hello fun citrus party yesterday (it was a big success, more about that tomorrow).
Hello meeting new friends and neighbors.
Hello children running all around, playing in the yard and having a great time.


Hello daily cup of coffee--work day or no.
I am linking up with Lisa today for Hello Monday.
What are you saying hello to this week??


Emma said...

wow I love the blue of your coat in the first picture, really vibrant and cheerful (but without being lime green or bright yellow which is probably a bit too much for most people!)

Andrea said...

Cute coat! And love all the fresh flowers. I think I'll say "hello" to a busy week and finding time to slow down!

Lisa Renata said...

Hello to a beautiful day and to you!!!

Madame Melville said...

Loving the fresh flowers too! Hello lots of hearts and "secret" Valentines from my sweeties.

I finally tried your celebration cookie recipe with great success. I actually tried using all butter instead of the shortening and they worked out perfectly!

Jennifer said...

Love the wrapping on your gifts and the heart-shaped brownies! The blue coat is lovely also!

catie said...

mary beth,
can you tell us where you found that cute coat?
it is perfect.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Catie. It's the J. Crew Lady Day coat.