Saturday, September 6, 2008

Family Creativity

A week ago (yeah, I'm a little behind in blogging) we had another Family Art Night. I kept it very low key, which is better for me. I had bought these new oil pastels (it was still August--my mother gave me a well timed coupon to Michael's--I admit I was still making purchases all the way through August 30!) and some nice drawing paper. I suspected that Dieter would really get into the dark colors of the oil pastels and the ease with which they mark. I was right--look at how much more he colored than usual!
I'm very into buying quality art supplies now for our family, including these larger sets with lots of colors. I'm so into bright colors now, after years of choosing "neutrals" for everything from clothing to home decor.
Ken had the idea to make this little "puzzle" for Dieter. He really likes it (excuse the messy table--this was at dinner on another night, but I just wanted to capture him playing with it--).
And I love this fairy Ken drew on the front sidewalk.

And I might as well give my own creativity update. My goal this week was to go into my studio several nights and just work a little bit--even for 20 minutes--to see what would happen and to get away from the computer. I did succeed in reducing my computer time (I blogged ahead of time for some of my posts), but I only made it into the studio on one night. Oh well!--I'm not discouraged. Here is how my week went: Monday, holiday, wrote three blog posts that night and got ready for the work week. Tuesday night--worked in my studio--hooray! Wednesday night--very tired from getting back into the work routine--went to bed early after getting the babies down and making the lunches. Thursday--took Rainer to the ER for several hours (per the advice of his oncologist--but it turned out to be nothing. His eyes had been alarmingly red and puffy--then it faded once we got there). Friday--date night. Maybe this coming week I can make it into the studio twice, who knows?


Maymomvt said...

Looks like fun. The creativity is coming back into our lives as well. The new art supply for us this year was chalk pastels.

Jessica said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to craft while getting back into the school routine. I like the idea of just twenty minutes and seeing what happens...I'll have to try that this week. Your family craft night looks like it was a blast!

Katy said...

Before I started crafting, I was into neutrals too. Now I find myself more and more drawn to color. Interesting, isn't it?

taisa said...

So nice to see your family making art together- I want to make this happen in our house too. I like the puzzle idea!

Anonymous said...

So glad your er visit was ok.

Busy busy lady, I love the quality art supplies.

Look forward to seeing more of your studio, and your knitting, hows it going? much love, Clarex