Friday, February 22, 2008

My February Ten

Soulemama invited everybody to play along when she listed ten things that are making her happy right now, February funk and all. So, here are my ten.

1. A flurry of baking and trying new recipes over the long weekend. These are no-sugar blueberry muffins, a recipe I wouldn't normally try, but it was so fun making something I wouldn't normally make (they are sweetened with orange juice only--no other sweetner).

2. The lavendar blooming by our front door.

3. It's raining!
4. Baking with Dieter. Check out how he levels off the dry ingredients. That just warms my heart.

5. The days getting longer, just a little bit each day.
6. Folded linens.
7. Reading to Dieter at night. He'll listen to anything now, for as long as I want to read to him.

8. I Capture the Castle. I started it and it sucked me right in. That is exactly what I want right now. It's delightful.

9. Brotherly love.

10. My You Make My Day award, given to my by Pina. Thank you Pina!

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village mama said...

led to you by doobleh your ten!