Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Wrap-Up

Halloween was officially fun. I wasn't sure if he'd even wear his costume but it turned out he loved it. After the fallish meal we took him trick-or-treating, which he really enjoyed, even though he had no interest in collecting any candy in his bag. After, we had apple pie at home. He's generally not a good eater, so I loved the focus and concentration he showed eating this pie with his fork. Super cute--and he didn't want to take off his costume at all at this point. Later he set out his candy for "The Green Pumpkin." I'd say it was a very successful first Halloween.


Kristi said...

Love your fall centerpiece! Who is the green pumpkin?

amanda said...

I love the idea of eating apple pie after trick-or-treating. yummy!! and yet so wholesome.

as for your puppy, he is adorable!!!