Friday, November 2, 2007

The Green Pumpkin

We decided that we would take Dieter trick or treating this year, but what to do with the subsequent candy? He certainly doesn't need to hoard it the next several months (I hate that solution), and he honestly doesn't even know what it is. So. . . we adopted this idea of the Green Pumpkin (Faith heard about it last year when she was out trick or treating). On Halloween night, the Green Pumpkin swoops down and exchanges candy for books and gifts. So Dieter chose one item to eat from his haul (actually, a packaged popcorn ball which he enjoyed thoroughly and ate the whole thing!) and set the rest out on the porch. Lo and behold, the Green Pumpkin left books in its place.
On Halloween night I was nursing the baby and I heard Dieter out on the porch asking Ken, "what is the Green Pumpkin?" I wondered how Ken would answer. He said, "the Green Pumpkin is the spirit of exchanging things that are not so good for you for things that are good for you." I thought that was such a great and Ken-like explanation. At Christmas he says that Santa Claus is the spirit of giving and that he believes in Santa Claus. Sweet.

I'm delighted that November is here. I do love October, but it's a long haul, with no holidays or 3 day weekends. I love my job, but the pace of being a working mama is brisk, so I also love my holidays. Starting with Veterans day on the 12th we'll have plenty of time off, all the way through February. Hooray! Meanwhile, here's hoping for a relaxing and productive weekend.


Carrie said...

Would the Green Pumpkin come get, say the pile of laundry (which I am SURE is not good for me), and bring me books? That would be very cool! Cute pics. Did the big kids dress up?

Kristi said...

Thanks for the explanation- I like that idea!

taisa said...

I love this idea! and the explaination too. A perfect solution to let your kids be included in the halloween activities and not get over-sugared. I just might adopt this one too!