Monday, November 5, 2007

Fallish Table Runner

Arggh! Rough weekend, time management wise. I did manage to throw together this table runner, but I shouldn't have. Oh well, it was in my head and I really wanted to get it out, you know? And it looks kind of autumnal to me, so I want it for now, not later in December. I see now that I still haven't managed to photograph it well (I tried at different times of the day), but it's a piece of "Big Tree" fabric I got from Superbuzzy, joined with two pieces of linen-cotton blend to form the ends.
The centerpiece is ceramic pumpkins and a leaf made by Faith and Jacob in their elementary school years. I'm not one for saving every scrap of paper they ever marked on (I'm a tosser after all), but I do have a few framed artworks plus a few ceramics, which I love. These come out every fall.
Here you can see a bit of where the linen is joined on. I love this Big Tree fabric and since I didn't really order enough to make a bag or a curtain or anything (the print is so large--moreso than I expected) Faith suggested a table runner, clever girl.
And speaking of Faith, she wanted to make guacamole last night. To tell you the truth, I'd been planning a small cooking project with Dieter with the avocados, but we didn't get to that, and Faith, who can be so picky sometimes, loves guacamole, so the timing was perfect. We use the Moosewood Cookbook basic recipe--just avocados, salt, lemon juice, and garlic. That's it, and it's so delicious.
Here's how she laid out the elements. So, now it's Monday and next weekend is a three day weekend--hooray!! I may not get a chance for any crafting, but I'm at least setting my sights on catching up with some of the housework that has fallen by the wayside. Meanwhile, I have a pretty table runner to rest my eyes on--if only I can keep the table cleared off!

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milcolores said...

Beautiful table runner ^_^