Monday, March 2, 2015

march goals

At the museum

I decided to do some goals for March. I feel that things have finally calmed down a bit (since the holidays?  since the beginning of the school year?  LOL) and I'm finally ready to make some monthly goals.  All joking aside, life does feel pretty intense in the fall, getting school up and running, and then the holidays start, and then the January birthdays hit, and then this year February contained an out of town conference and a jury duty stint (albeit one day, but still).  So it actually does feel like a little exhale right now.

I absolutely love seeing the goals that others make on their blogs.  So here are mine:

1.  Drink a  glass of water each morning upon waking, eat two oranges per day, and take a hill-walk three times a week.  Those three mini-goals are all wrapped together as one health related goal.  I hate dieting and feeling deprived and cutting way back on calories.  I actually feel that those days in my life are past and I'm entering the next phase.  So here is my first step.  Bonus:  eating two oranges a day will help to use up some of our huge surplus.

2. Read a book.  I've gotten SO out of the habit of reading and it distresses me.  The internet has ruined my attention span for sure.  I'm trying to read The Luminaries right now, but it's taking awhile to get into.  Instead, for now, I'd like to read the book that The Theory of Everything is based on (a memoir by Stephen Hawking's first wife).  I'll let you know how it goes! I'm hoping it's available for the Kindle.

3.  A little spending freeze until I go to see my friend Carrie at the end of the month.  We'll do some shopping together in Kansas, but until then, no shopping for me.

I'd love to hear your March goals if you have any!


Gabi B. said...

There is something about March that calls out for some goals... I love your list, sound like some achievable things, that makes it easier to stick to it and gives you some "stars" as reward...
My goals are:
-Find a new routine as I am a stay-at-Home-Mom now, which is so new to me
-Declutter everything!
-Build a Capsule Wardrobe
Good luck with your goals 😀

Andrea said...

Great goals, and I love the idea of making a health goal a positive one (eat more of X) rather than a negative (eat less of/none of Y). I haven't really thought through March-specific goals, but I would like to:
1) Survive. March is a really hard month for me, in Maine. Weather, daylight, midwinter doldrums. Plus this month my hub is out of town a lot an I'm on double-duty at home.
2) Knit. I've set a goal to knit one thing a month this year. I've actually finished March's knit already, but I've got some work to do to make April's.
3) Read. I've started so many books this year, but have finished few of them. Time to rectify that situation.
4) Write. I've got lots of writing projects in mind. Now I need to find/make the time to bring them to fruition!

Kristen said...

I loved your list of goals. I've been feeling a little aimless lately - I think I'll sit down right now and make a list of goals.