Monday, June 30, 2014


Wonderpot Wonderpot

You guys, I came across a bunch of "wonderpot" recipes on Pinterest and I was so intrigued.  They are "pots" of food cooked together all at once on the stovetop.  Some of the photos made them look so yummy and I'm all about easy family meals that are made more or less from scratch.  I kept my expectations low and decided to make the Spinach Artichoke wonderpot because I was so curious. 

Well, as expected I was correct to keep my expectations in check.  This was pretty plain and bland.  Not horrible, though.  I sprinkled some shredded mozzarella on mine and that helped a lot.  I think the main problem here is that the dish is virtually fat free, vegan, and low in salt.  That combination is bound to be pretty not-so-great in my opinion.  But I will say it was very fun tossing everything in the pot and only having to worry about stirring every now and then.  It was very low stress but just domestic enough to hold my interest.

I actually still have some curiosity about these recipes and want to explore other, higher fat wonderpots.  Something with meat and/or cream would be ideal.

What about you?  Have you seen these pins going around?  Are you going to try one?

Link to recipe is here


Gabi B. said...

This post really made me smile so much! I have this recipe lying in the kitchen, because I wanted to try it on the weekend and had all the ingredients on hand... I think I'll change my plans, fat-free, vegan and bland is definitely not a hit with the family. There is a "Basic" wonderpot with tomatoes and basil, maybe it works better with tomatoes? (And maybe added cream...)
But still, the idea of throwing everything in one pot and serving dinner after 30 minutes is lovely! (Basically, that's the idea of a Tajine, but they take so long to cook!)

Mary Beth said...

Hi Gabi! Ha ha, glad I could help you out on this one. Maybe go ahead and make it since you have all the ingredients but jazz it up with some salt, more seasonings, and maybe sautee the veggies a little bit instead of throwing everything in at the same time. And yeah, the Italian one might be better--I'll look into that one.

M. Meyers said...

so happy you're blogging again! I love following your little family. I'm the one who sent you the chili recipe from Penzey's quite a while back. I wanted to send you this one. It's not exactly "one pot" but it's fast and delicious. Of course, I had to add some grilled chicken for the Hubs who thinks every meal needs meat. recipe is from Real Simple mag April 2010