Tuesday, February 18, 2014

scenes from the past few weekends

I haven't been posting any weekend pictures lately, so here is my attempt at catching up a little bit.  There were various January birthdays--Dieter, Jacob, Ken and Ben are all January boys.  Genrally, my weekends have felt a little "off" to me.  I guess I'm still working to perfect my weekend formula! 

Weekend things I love:
  • going to Saturday morning yoga class
  • having a family swim at the club
  • eating out
  • any de-cluttering or cleaning I can force myself to do (because the results thrill me)
  • movie date nights with Ken
  • making a good Sunday dinner

One little weekend tradition that is very dear to my heart right now is the car washing ritual that Dieter and I have going on.  On Sunday mornings, with very few exceptions, we take the new Subaru to a car wash--the kind where you drop quarters in and spray the car yourself and then dry and vacuum it yourself.  I love having this time with my boy and he is a true help!  Usually we also stop for gas, go get cash from the ATM, and pick up any last minute groceries from the local market (I do the big shopping at Trader Joe's on the way home from work on Fridays).  Aside from spending one-on-one time with my boy, how awesome it feels to have a clean car, a full tank of gas, and cash and groceries for the week!

Are there any weekend rituals you are loving lately?

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Gabi B. said...

Lately, two rituals have developed: Number one is my morning tea, on Saturday I wake up before everyone else and have a cup of tea, undisturbed, so wonderful. Second is working out with our WiiFit on Sunday, sometimes I get my son to join me. And of course running around on Sunday evening like crazy and trying to get prepared for the upcoming week. THIS ritual needs to get stopped...