Sunday, January 12, 2014

cookies--christmas and otherwise

I never fail to be delighted by the simple roll-and-cut cookies we do every year at Christmas. (Of course my children are delighted by them as well).  I've blogged about them a gazillion times before, but couldn't resist showing you this year's batch.  I love how they turned out.  I was lazy and only dyed two colors of icing, but it's sort of nice to keep the palette simple.  I've posted the recipe here.  The recipe for the icing is here.

And I wanted to let you know about the oatmeal-walnut-fudge cookies I also made.  They didn't really "work" for me as a Christmas cookie (not Christmassy enough! so hearty!), but I love them as a "granola bar" of a lunchbox cookie.  They are so toasty and walnutty and the fudge center is fun and a little different.  I found the recipe here.


Zena said...

I never tire of seeing your shortbread. It's your christmas tradition! I've stopped making shortbread at christmas because we have ours in summer and the dough is so hard to work with in the heat let alone baking with no aircon! Yes the walnut fudge biscuits look perfect for the lunchbox.

Sarah said...

Your cookies look so yummy. We had a bummer of a cookie season, I tried at least four different gluten free sugar cookie recipes alone and was amazed at my talent for getting them all to crumble. My friend in Arizona then told me the key was to grossly under year. I did however find an incredible turtle fudge recipe, which honestly with it's decadence made up for the overpriced GF flours that flopped :) Live and learn, right?! Hope your back to school has gone well, and college kiddos are doing well, too.

Heather said...

You had me at Oatmeal-walnut-fudge. Sounds amazing.