Thursday, November 28, 2013


my feet . . . and fall color fall color in southern california post office tower at dusk

Sorry to be gone for so long.  Lately, blogging falls to the absolute bottom of my priority list.  But I wanted to acknowledge Thanksgiving today and take a moment to be thankful!  Do you guys keep a thankfulness journal?  I was doing it for a little while last year, and I want to get back to it.  It feels good.  Also, I guess studies have shown that it does good things for you--maybe reduces stress--which I could certainly use.  So I think I'm going to start that up again, for a few minutes a day.

What are you up to today?  We are going to my parents this afternoon for dinner and this morning I am cooking.  I'm making two pies, sweet potato casserole, and green bean casserole.

Today I am feeling thankful for
:: my loved ones!  Ken, the boys, my grown up children, my parents, my friends.  Hooray for human connection and love.  It is the most important thing in life and I am SO grateful for my people.
:: medical insurance.  We have put ours through a workout this year--lots of medical stuff I haven't blogged about.  I am SO grateful for our good insurance. 
:: health. 
:: my job.  I'm so lucky to have a good job and work with good people and be at my present school site.
:: having money to pay the bills.
:: sweet little boy cuddles.  I'm so lucky to get these every day!
:: living where we live.  For the longest time I resisted Southern California.  Now I see how lucky we are to live here.
:: all our little day trips and longer adventures.  We just got back from a mini-vacation to Palm Springs--Ken, me, and the little boys.  So fun!  We have so many adventures and so much beauty right outside our back door--I love this.
:: morning coffee, my commute, daily rituals, Tuesday night pizza, date night with Ken, movies, the internet, electronic gadgets, books, vitamins,  clothes and shoes and makeup and jewelery, green grass and trees, water, podcasts, science and figuring things out, crayons and coloring with the kids, Frog Juice and other games, folding laundry and watching old Nigella episodes, the beach, little boys reading on the couch, Facetime, cookbooks, pretty photography, seasons, weather, rain (rare here), cupcakes, Saturday morning yoga class, pool membership, and a lot more I'm not thinking of here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too :)
Hope you guys are okay, I understand the whole medical insurance work out aspect...I am thankful indeed for all the coverage we have.
Enjoy your long weekend ;)

The Wool Fairy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy the nice long weekend with all your loved ones. I love your thankful covered lots of big ones, but little everyday ones too. A great reminder to all of us (:

Neha said...

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it here in India, but with all the connectivity across the world, it sure is catching up.

Loved the little things on your list you're grateful for. We tend to take so much for granted and forget that even those things help make us smile, relax and be content in life. God bless you all!