Monday, September 16, 2013

scenes from the weekend

waffle sunday calla lilly bulb--planted at home "pedicure" sunday morning.  Dieter reads to Rainer scones--iced summer night swimming at the club

How was your weekend?  We had a very dreamy, stay at home weekend.  I forced myself to do some chores and cleaning too, but there were many dreamy parts.  Dreamy highlights:  my very favorite thing was when we sat down to dinner on Saturday night and Rainer let out a contented sigh and said, "I love it when it's dinnertime."  Then Dieter chimed in and agreed he loves dinner.  Oh my heart!  We had a lovely afternoon on Saturday.  I went to a 1.5 hour yoga class then read my book by the pool and later Ken and the boys joined me there and we spent most of the afternoon swimming and cooling off and I read a lot too.  Very fun and just my idea of a relaxing weekend.  Also Saturday--in the evening we got ice cream downtown and walked to the park and the boys played in the dusk. 

On Sunday, Dieter helped me wash the car (it's usually Rainer who goes) and that was very sweet too.  The boys watched Alice in Wonderland (classic Disney version) on Netflix Instant while I worked in the kitchen.  I was successful in cleaning out the pantry.  We did not make it to Santa Barbara that day, as I had hoped, but we will in the future.  I have in mind taking a Sunday day trip every week, but that's not very realistic.  Maybe every other week is more like it.

I have in mind that each weekend is a study in how to do weekends.  I can tweak and refine to my heart's content and apply what I've learned to the future.  If you posted about your weekend too, please leave a link and I'll pop over!  Happy Monday, everyone.


Gabi B. said...

Your two boys are so cute...,love this comment about dinner time.

The Wool Fairy said...

That dinner time comment, yes, enough to melt a mother's heart! Your weekly looks lovely. I like that you are planning the "fun" aspects. I focus too much on the to do lists (never ending of course). I am reading FLY lady, thanks to your advice. I am liking the approach. I get sucked into cleaning ALL THE TIME, so I like the idea of setting a limit on it and just being happy with the lack of perfection. Thanks for the tip!

Denise said...

I'm glad you are liking your yoga class and afternoons by the pool sound pretty dreamy. I'm working on setting up a routine that doesn't include too much cleaning on the weekends - I'm like you, I want to play instead :)

Abby Edgley Edgley said...

I like your post about dinner time. Its really informative food guide post.

Holly C. said...

Easier and simpler are becoming my mottos!

Your simple meals sound wonderful!

Holly C. said...

Oops sorry-the above comment was meant for your meal planning post!