Friday, September 13, 2013

dreamy :: practical

Ken picked me a bouquet of roses. :)

Hooray for making it through another week! This was our first "normal" 5 day week of the year. It was hectic, but it's done.  What are you up to this weekend?  I'm in the mood for another dreamy/practical list.

:: drink coffee with half and half in the morning and lots of cucumber water the rest of the day
:: go to Saturday morning yoga class
:: plant a calla lilly bulb with the boys (I bought a kit at Trader Joe's today)
:: make waffles
:: take a day trip to Santa Barbara (zoo?  natural history?  art museum?)
:: read my current book (I'm reading this and I'm really enjoying it)
:: give myself a home pedicure

:: do a big clean-out of the pantry.  I'm looking forward to this, actually.
:: car wash Sunday with Rainer.  It's our routine now, since I got the new car
:: laundry!
:: home routines.  This week's zone is the kitchen.

What's on your list?


Sarah said...

now I'm wondering what you use to clean with. We've been switching to more natural cleaners, but sometimes I feel I still need the big guns and get the not so healthy stuff, too. What do you like?

Rain said...

Sounds like the perfect balance of dreamy & practical. I wish there was a yoga class near me. I'm going to have to look into this.

We have 2 boys with soccer games today and a homeschool picnic later today. Tomorrow will hopefully be more relaxing with a NYT and lots of coffee after mass.


Gabi B. said...

After having spent a hectic Saturday with cleaning, I am still wondering how you do it all...
Plans were cleaning, laundry, shop for clothes and eat a vegan lunch. Still wondering how to get that done. But the pantry is clean!
Want to take a look?

Denise said...

I love your dreamy::practical series and you really seem to have great work/life balance

Katie said...

On a random note, I'm looking for some now blogs....I just love your mellow, peaceful but still realistic posts like this. Any blog recs that have some similar attributes?

Mary Beth said...

You guys--thank you so much for the very sweet comments. You are totally making me smile!

Sarah--I used to make all my own natural cleaners and I was very hard core about it. Now I'm much more mellow and I buy Bon Ami to scrub the sinks and I buy toilet bowl cleaner for the toilets. It works for me.

Rain--the soccer circuit sounds fun but also exhausting. I hope you had fun!

Gabi--I visited your blog! I honestly don't "do it all." I have very low standards for my house cleanliness. I wish it were cleaner at all times, but I just can't manage it. I'd much rather enjoy the family while the boys are still little.

Denise--thank you so much!

Katie--this is such a great question. I will post about it!