Friday, September 6, 2013

dreamy :: practical

Nature table freshen-up.

I'm so happy to have made it to the end of week two of the school year!  Even though it was a short week, it still feels like a great accomplishment to have made it through. I'm so happy for the weekend! What are your plans?

One of my goals this year is to be intentional about the weekends. Last year I got really burnt out from random feeling weekends, spending too much time out of the house, and not really planning how I wanted to spend my time. This year I just want to know what I'm doing and at least try keep a balance of chores and laziness and fun outings.

Tonight we got Mexican food (take-out--we do this basically every Friday) and watched Fantasia.  Fantasia was better than I remembered!  All I remembered from childhood was the sequence with Mickey Mouse and the buckets of water.  This time around I saw that there is also lots of lovely animation to zone out on.

Also hoping to:

:: go to yoga class at the athletic club and then spend one hour by the pool, reading
:: maybe make some macaroons with the boys
:: have a Sunday outing to a museum or the beach
:: watch The Secret of Roan Innish, which we have right now from Netflix

:: do a few quick chores around the house, just to stay slightly on top of things (I'm using an iPad app to help me with this, which I'll write about soon)
:: do many loads of laundry
:: wash the car with the boys helping me
:: make a Trader Joe's run

Have a fabulous weekend!  It's super hot here, but maybe where you are it is beginning to cool off?


Sarah said...

And for some reason my mind just keeps saying, "yum, macaroons!"
Have a lovely dreamy::practical weekend.
I am hoping for some time to knit/sew between finishing up a few extra "sugar boxes" to have in Isaac's specialist teacher rooms.
I hope this weekend doesn't fly by...Monday feels too soon already!

Gabi B. said...

This is just what I want for this Year: Plan the Weekends much better, to get some Balance between cleaning the House and go outside more often! As I am always behind with cleaning I am really curious about your iPad-App :-).
Today we went for a Bike Tour, now some cleaning and on sunday Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. School Starts on Monday, so there are some more Things to be organised.

Mary Beth said...

Sarah and Gabby--I love your comments, thank you!

Sarah--actually, it sounds fun to put together 'sugar boxes' for Isaac. How has school been going for him so far? (I'll check your blog).

Gabi--yes, I'll post about the app soon, maybe tomorrow. I'm no housekeeper, but it helps me not let things get too far gone. I like the feeling of being on top of things, even if it is far from perfect.

The Wool Fairy said...

I have always loved your Dreamy/Practical lists! I think they promote a sense of balance. Maybe I will start trying them out too. Hope you had a great weekend and got to some of the things on your list!!

Jennie said...

I love these lists too!

We have entered that weather stage where I have no idea how to dress the children. It's 59 degrees when we leave in the morning and 84 when we get home! But I'll take it. It will be chilly here soon enough.

I'm very eager to hear about the iPad app you mentioned. I just spent a few hours planning for the fall, including a cleaning schedule and I did it all on paper. I enjoy writing it out, but iPad reminders would definitely help keep the list from collecting dust!

Susan said...

It's actually getting warmer here on the Oregon coast! But that's a good thing. More beach walks (even though I walk there in winter, too).

Love your list and your idea of being more intentional, Mary Beth! It seems that I have to continually remind myself not to putter away my time but to be intentional about it, as you say.

This weekend? My plans were to: Enjoy a Friday night potluck dinner with friends. Finish painting Mom's deck. Eat Sunday dinner out with (other) friends. Write some letters. Do my laundry. Wash my car. Shop for a new purse (I didn't find what I wanted). :-) Nothing big there, but I did it all, so, yay!

My internet time is spotty for now, but I love to stop by here when I get a chance!