Tuesday, May 21, 2013

scenes from the weekend

laying out clothes for date night on the date view from the pier for green juice green juice . . . with foam last of the oranges rainer's portion mega-ultra-incredi-cookies salad for lunch the new bedding on my dresser top

I had such a good, improved weekend. I looked back at my calendar. Turns out the last time I had a somewhat "normal" weekend, with time at home and a Saturday date night with Ken, was in early March! No wonder I have been so cranky! Honestly, if I'm running around too much on the weekend, and since I work full time during the week, and I don't have time to tidy up and be domestic at all, it really takes its toll. I hate the feeling of being on a treadmill I can't get off! I require down time, for better or worse--it's just my make-up.

So, I cleaned, got a hair cut, washed new bed linens and put them on, went on a date with Ken, made green juice and homemade cookies with the boys, made dinner, visited my parents, and took the boys to the beach for an hour or so.  Sounds about right, right?

I have things I want to tell you about:  the cookie recipe from this weekend, the homemade ranch dressing I have been making, my new health goals, and the audiobook I just finished and loved!  So there are some blog post ideas--I hope I get to them.  See you soon!

PS--if you are interested, click here to see my outfits.  Happy Tuesday!


Greyhaven Pines said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Mary Beth. I find I have to have balance, too, or I am out of sorts as well. I have that same Ikea runner on my kitchen table right now as well. Looking forward to anything you post here and am also enjoying your other blog. :)


Andrea said...

I know how you feel! The last couple of months have been so busy/crazy with trips and birthdays and baseball and other obligations that when a weekend away with my girlfriends got cancelled for this weekend, I couldn't have been more relieved! It's so hard to stay balanced when you work all week and want to do things on the weekends...the nice, quiet settled time just seems to get thrown to the wayside. Here's to more relaxing weekends, and more blog posts!

Denise said...

I have been on that same treadmill - and need to take a break!! I just recently changed my work schedule which has me up REALLY early - I love getting home early but I need my beauty sleep :)

your weekend sounds just right!

Mary Beth said...

Joyce--thank you!

Andrea--I can totally relate. And yes--more relaxing weekends and blog posts are in order!

Denise--I know what you mean. I get up early too. And it is hard to discipline myself to go to bed early when the house is quiet and I can finally relax. Alas.

Regine Karpel said...

Love that look!

Olivia Lane said...

Nice photos, Mary Beth. They make me want to eat something healthy.
I too require down time and time to make my home neat and to eat well. It makes a huge difference between cranky pants and smiley face.

Mrs C said...

I was reading your profile and wow, Mary Beth, you are a woman with many hats! These images are heart warming..

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

Susan said...

Hi Mary Beth! I was just thinking of you and wanted to swing by your blog. (I haven't been reading blogs for awhile.) Every time I come here, I get such a nice feeling. I just like everything you like! Nice to see the green drink. The cookies look amazing. I love the black and white bed covering and the cheery room. And everything! Starting with the photo of the beach on your header. It sounds like you're doing well. I need to start reading your blog routinely again now that my life is taking another shift. I'll be moving to the coast for at least 9 months at the end of the month, and I'll have more time on my hands, but I'll also (hopefully) be working full time soon, so I can find inspiration from someone else who both works and loves home-and-family stuff.

Thanks for such a cheery place to visit! I'm going to click on over to your other blog now.

Take care!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks so much, you guys!

Susan--I'm so thrilled to hear from you. I'm going to respond to your email soon!

likeschocolate said...

Love your outfit! You are always so stylish. The food looks fantastic too!

Kristen said...

Just checking in! I'm hoping to hear more about your new health goals! I need some inspiration! ;)