Saturday, May 4, 2013

scenes from {mostly} last weekend

reading in the tree fort swim meet Jacob with Rainer Toppers! Camino Real Park the boys banana bread! greek myths--he loves them our roses

So sorry for leaving the blog vacant for so long!  I have no intention of quitting the blog--there are a lot of reasons why I haven't been posting, but the biggest is just out of tiredness/laziness.  At the end of the day it's just easier to zone out with my iPad and read other people's posts.  Maybe I'll do a post sometime about other reasons that I don't blog as enthusiastically as I used to.

I do still like blogging.  Here are some photos from last weekend.  You see, just looking at this small selection of photos makes me feel way more warm and fuzzy about the entire weekend.  I think that is a huge huge positive.  To be able to see your life that way.  To pause for a few moments and be thankful.

In the photos:
1.  Dieter is a crazy man, whipping through books on his Kindle.  He is devouring the Beast Quest series and I'm enchanted by his enthusiasm.  I also love that he reads aloud to his brother a lot too.
2.  We went to Ken's swim meet in Santa Clarita and it was freaking hot, but I loved seeing him swim. 
3 and 4.  We went out to Toppers with Jacob.  My favorite pizza parlor.  We even split a pizza cookie at the end, which we had never done before, and it was amazing.
5 and 6.  Took the boys to a few parks.
7.  The boys and I did a little baking project (banana bread) for the first time in ages and they loved it.  It filled my heart. 
8.  Dieter also loves reading the Greek Myths.
9.  Our yard is all in bloom and Ken brought in many bouquets of roses for me.

By the way, I'm starting a style blog for the over 40 crowd.  I'm not aiming to be the cutest 40+ blogger or have great photos at all (hardly!), but I am so curious about how to dress in my age group and I just love clothes lately and putting together outfits.  If you'd like to have a look, click here.

PS--Carrie and I are meeting in Covina next weekend for a friends weekend.  Please share any Covina recommendations you may have.


Maiz Connolly said...

I am right there with you on the blogging break... sometimes you need to take a little time away to get the creative juices flowing, right?

Your style blog is fun. I love some of your looks!

Maiz Connolly said...

Sorry, that "some" didn't sound right! You've got great style... thanks for sharing it!

Jars of Giggles said...

I feel ya I just can't seem to get my act together on my blog tired and unmotivated... When school is out! I do love it when I stay on it. I have a hard time with style at 40 something I am too young for the old lady stuff too old fo the too hip you have great style I agree with Maiz!