Sunday, April 14, 2013

rewind to easter

easter wreath eggs 2013 finger knitting easter shapes equinox tea equinox tea baskets 2013 silly putty putting together their new hero factories egg hunt

We had a quiet and pretty sweet little Easter.  It was fun how it fell at the beginning of the break and then we still had a full week stretching out before us after the holiday.  I love it when that happens.  In the photos above the tea and cookie scene is actually from the day before Easter--it was our equinox tea.  We just used a Trader Joe's mix to make those cookies so they did not turn out as well as our usual, but the boys loved them nonetheless.

Dying the eggs was fun this year.  The boys are maturing so much!  No tears, no disappointment.  They seemed to understand the whole thing much more than previous years and got down to business and enjoyed themselves.

And are you curious about those baskets?  Such a far cry from the cute baskets I've done in years past.  It's partly because Easter fell so early this year and I just wasn't ready.  I ended up doing my entire basket shopping at Target--both toys and candy.  But also, my boys are growing out of the little wooden toy phase.  They were thrilled with Hero Factory and Silly Putty.  And it's really ok.  I'm going with the flow and I like it.

They were also really into finger knitting that weekend, so there you go.

Hopefully I can blog more frequently this week and share our trip to Santa Cruz.  It was so fun!  I might blog it in chunks, because there are so many pictures.  See you later this week (I hope)!


Carrie said...

I think this more relaxed phase of kids in elementary school will be fun. The pictures are delightful.

Andrea said...

I think it's great when my kids embrace Ninjago, Bay Blades or what have you AND knitting, jump rope, cooking or other earthy/non-traditional boy activities. I think it will help them to be well-rounded and not feel like they missed out on anything.

HOA Mgr Lady said...

zlove the boy's finger knitting! Crafting ain't just for girls!