Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the new year

ready for nye felt garland felt garland an impromtu hike view on nye part of the fam me and faith faith and rainer on nye the kids put on various "shows" for us puzzle on nye

 Happy New Year! I love this time of year and its fresh start.

We did our normal New Year's Eve thing--staying in and having snacky type foods and playing games and dancing.  The little boys put on lots of little "shows" which I adore.

We normally view the sunset on New Year's Eve from this one specific place called Meditation Mount but this year it was CLOSED.  So disappointing!  So we changed to a different locale and did a little hike but it was not the same.  We're going to try again tomorrow night.

Oh, and I did a project with the little boys!  We made a felt garland inspired by this one on The Purl Bee.  This was such an easy and fun project and these garlands will be great for birthdays as well. 

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Jason said...

Happy New Year! :D I wish you an awesome 2013!