Sunday, December 9, 2012

scenes from the weekend

at the local bakery childhood christmas ornament childhood christmas ornament cloth gift bags wrapping! at royal bakery sunday coloring jam thumbprint cookies

1.Cookies at the local bakery.  I love how the fall leaves are juxtaposed with the Christmas themed cookies.
2-3.  Favorite ornaments from my childhood.
4.  Fabric gift bags.  I made more this year.
5.  Getting wrapping done early this year.
6.  Gingerbread man at Royal Bakery.
5.  Sunday coloring.
6.  Jam thumbprints.

I'm still trying to be productive in the Christmas preparations.  No matter how you look at it, once I'm finally out for Christmas break this year (I work through the 21st.  Yikes!), Christmas will nearly be upon us (and I technically will have missed the solstice.  Bummer.  We'll celebrate that on the 22nd).

I've made two batches of cookies for the freezer and have wrapped a bunch of family gifts.  When the vacation arrives I want to be able to relax.

Hopefully I'll be around the blog a bit more this week.  That is the plan anyway.  Happy Monday, everyone!


Andrea said...

Lovely! You appear to be very on top of things!

Sarah said...

I love those ornaments, last year I was lucky to inherit a few european antique ornaments and they are hands down my favorites this year - and made of paper and glitter, so simple. Have a great week.

Karen said...

schools are so funny like that ("real" jobs, even funnier...but i digress lol...). in montessori they seem to give longer breaks (we finish dec. 18, and my fiance the 17th)

yay, i have forgotten about jam thumbprints!! a childhood fave, thanks for the memory.

i have always loved how you make "the moment" special.

thanks mb!! xo

Mary Beth said...

Andrea--thanks! I've definitely had a surge of good attitude this year, at least when it comes to Christmas.

Sarah--I love the vintage ornaments too. So much. Luckily I have one from each year of my childhood.

Karen--and the worst part is that my vacation doesn't line up entirely with my kids. They are both done on the 14th. Grr!